Jacob Jones and the Bigfoot Mystery : Episode 1 achievement guide & roadmap



No missable achievements (plus 21 unknown)

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First Step

Complete your first puzzle

Starting Point

Earn 10000 merits

Junior Puzzler

Complete 5 puzzles


Survive the First Night in camp

Pale Garbage Kid

Collect 40 soda cans


Complete 'Log Jam' in less than 12 moves


Meet a Bigfoot

Low Notes

Complete 'A Note of Friendship' in less than 6 moves

Intermediate Puzzler

Complete 10 Puzzles

Order of Merit

Earn 40000 merits

Pilots Licence

Reach the Airfield

Bird in the Hand

Collect 3 Gnatgobblers


Complete Episode 1

Professor Puzzle

Complete 20 puzzles

Gnats Gnobbled

Collect all Gnatgobblers

Garbage Collector

Collect all soda cans

Low Roller

Complete 'Rolling Blunder' in less than 27 moves


Complete 'That Ain't Sitting Right' in less than 13 moves

Quick Picker

Complete 'Pack Mentality' in less than 9 moves

Circuit Trained

Complete 'Circuit Training' in less than 9 moves

Maximus Meritus

Earn maximum merits for Episode 1