3000th Duel achievement guide & roadmap



No missable achievements (plus 43 unknown)

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Lightning-like Skill

Destroy a bullet.

Prayer of Start

Reach the next level.

Shall resurrect

Retrieving Skill

Retrieve Karma.

Honed Skill

Pass through a monster using Dash.

Contractor's Path

Obtain Occult.

Once Favored Loyalist

Defeat Demoted Rider.

Shall resurrect because it’s hot


Solve a specific puzzle of Cave of Blue Stones.


Obtain Old Axe.

Novice Contractor

Obtain 3 types of Occult.

The Falsely Accused One

Defeat Executed Knight.


Solve a specific puzzle of the dungeon.

Swordsman's Finger Marks

Obtain Samurai Sword.

The Guardian and the Ward

Defeat Tower Master.

Answers to Prayer

Reach level 50.

Shall resurrect because of injustice

First step towards the best weapon

Successfully enhance a weapon.

Fire’s Succession and Firewood

Defeat Tainted Crown.

Intermediate Contractor

Obtain 9 types of Occult.

Dizziness of Ray

Solve a specific puzzle of Tower Basement.

Switched Body

Defeat a specific boss.

Survival Skill

Heal a debuff.

Karma Extortionist

Obtain Karma Hunter.

Oh, oh... Dear Father

Defeat a specific boss.

First step towards the best spell

Successfully enhance an Occult.

Two Moons

Defeat a specific boss.

The One Who Tried to Erase the Past

Obtain Old Warrior’s Halberd.

The Nimble One

Defeat a boss without taking any damage.

Most Powerful Weapon

Successfully enhance 1 type of weapon to max level.

Legendary Dragon

Obtain Bahamut.

Bladeless Holy Sword

Obtain Sealed Holy Sword.

Last Rites

Reach level 99.


Reveal the entire map.


Defeat 3,000 monsters.

The One Called Fighter

The One Called Wind

Successfully execute a six-hit combo in midair.

Most Powerful Spell

Successfully enhance 1 type of Occult to max level.


Destroy 3,000 objects.

The One Called Shadow

Defeat five types of bosses without taking any damage.

Contract Master

Obtain 15 types of Occult.

The One Called God

The One who Swallowed Heart of Greed