Faeria achievement guide & roadmap



No missable achievements (plus 59 unknown)

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Welcome to Faeria!

Complete the introduction missions.

Mission complete

Complete a Mission Pack.


Destroy 50 creatures.

To the Face

Deal 100 damage to enemy gods.


Win a game without attacking your opponent’s orb.

Skilled Adventurer

Complete 5 Daily Quests.

Like a Boss

Defeat King Yaknus.


Destroy 250 creatures.

Puzzle Master

Complete all puzzles in Classic Faeria.


Deal 1000 damage to enemy gods.

Breaching the Gates

Complete 1 run of Pandora.


Deal 20 or more damage to the enemy god in one turn.

Mission master

Complete all classic Mission Packs.

Classic Collection

Collect all cards in Classic Faeria.

Death from above

Kill your opponent with a Ranged creature.


Play 250 Green Cards.

Flawless Victory

Complete a Pandora run with six wins and no losses.

Master Adventurer

Complete 25 Daily Quests.


Play 250 Red Cards.

Wisplight Fallen

Complete all missions in Wisplight Falls.


Win 10 games in Ranked or Casual.

Deep blue

Play 250 Blue Cards.

Go the distance

Win a game with fatigue damage.


Destroy 1000 creatures.


Reduce the Faeria cost of cards in your hand by 50 Faeria in one game.

Encounter with Ulani

Complete all missions in Ulani’s Realm.

Sand, it gets everywhere

Play 250 Yellow Cards.

Who's the Boss?

Defeat 6 World bosses.

Yo ho

Complete all missions in Pirate’s Aerie

Fall of Everlife Collection

Collect all cards from the Fall of Everlife.


Have Istanu regenerate 5 times in one game.

Secret of Everlife

Complete all missions in Gaea’s Navel.

The Strategist

Reach Rank 15 in constructed.

Nice moves, keep it up

Move the same creature 3 times in one turn.

Resurgence Collection

Collect all cards from Resurgence.

Living the dream

Play Aurora’s Dream and win a PvP game.

The stories were true

Play 250 Legendary cards.

Dragon Slayer

Beat 5 Dragons in the Dragon's Lair.

Storming the Gates

Complete 10 runs of Pandora.

Oblivion awaits

Kill your opponent with Ostregoth in a PvP game.

The Face is the Place

Deal 5000 damage to enemy gods.

Nothing is safe

Corrupt 5 times in a game.


Win 100 games in Ranked or Casual.

By design

Kill a Dragon using Sharra.

Draft King

Complete 10 Pandora runs with six wins and no losses.

Grandmaster Adventurer

Complete 100 Daily Quests.


Deal 20 damage to yourself in one game, and win.

You're the Boss

Defeat all World Bosses.

That's Wild

Complete 10 Wild Mission Packs.


Destroy 5 creatures with one Meteor.


Hatch a 10 or higher cost creature from the Egg of Wonders.

For the swarm

Summon 20 Swarming Carassius in a single turn.


Complete 30 runs of Pandora.

Genuine Grandeur

Play a 20/20 Illusion of Grandeur

High End Raiding

Beat 50 Dragons in the Dragon's Lair.


Win 10 games with a deck containing no more than 1 copy of each card.

Mythic Victory

Win a game with a deck full of Mythics.

Puzzle Elementalist

Complete all puzzles in the Elements Puzzle Pack.


Win 1000 games in Ranked or Casual.