Captain Forever Remix achievement guide & roadmap



No missable achievements (plus 31 unknown)

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Just Getting Started

Unlock the Super Sniper Starter Kit.

Earth's Red Neighbor

Reach Mars.

Run Away!

Cause 200 enemies to flee.

Big Bada-Boom!

Unlock the Big Booms Starter Kit.


Destroy 25 enemies without destroying their Ship Bits.

You Should Use Thrusters

In a single game, destroy 5 enemies that have at least 1 Jumbo Bulkhead.

Well That's Just Silly

Reach Neptune.

I Am Star Wars

Shoot down 250 enemy rockets.

Rawrgh! I'm a Dragon!

Unlock the Quadruple Dragon Starter Kit.

Gotta Heal Faster Than That

In a single game, destroy 10 enemies that have at least 5 Repair Bulkheads.

Punch Above Your Weight

Destroy 50 +2 level enemies.

I'm the Hero!

Beat the game on any difficulty.


Destroy 50 stunned enemies.

Shield Popper

In a single game, destroy 5 enemies that have at least 6 Shield Bulkheads.

Sharing is Caring

Share a ship on Steam Workshop.

Rack 'Em Up

Accumulate 1000 kills.

Tit For Tat

Destroy your Nemesis 10 times.

Home in Time for Dinner

Reach Earth in 5 minutes or less.

It Is You Who Mega Boomed

Destroy 20 enemies that have at least 8 MegaBoom Rockets.

Spaceship Rampage

Destroy 100 enemies in a single game.

Maximum Power

Reach Uranus with 18 Power Bulkheads on your ship.


Reach Pluto without using Power Bulkheads.

The Efficient Hero

Reach Jupiter with less than 8 enemies destroyed.


Beat the game on hard difficulty level.

That's So Many Ship Bits

Accumulate 5000 kills.

Fleet Builder

Share 10 ships on Steam Workshop.

How Did You Do That?

Beat the game on impossible difficulty level.

Rip and Tear

In a single game, destroy 10 enemies that have at least 5 RipSaws or Mega RipSaws.

Not Even a Real Planet

Reach Pluto in 15 minutes or less.


Destroy 20 enemies in 2 minutes or less.

Mosquito Strat

Complete the game using the Streaker! Starter Kit and never use any Ship Bits.