Kingdom Rush Frontiers achievement guide & roadmap



No missable achievements (plus 85 unknown)

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First Blood

Kill one enemy.

And so it begins

Complete Stage 1.

Sand Warrior

Complete a desert stage without the hero dying.

Birth of a Hero

Level up any hero.


Call all waves early in a single mission.


Build 30 towers.


Kill 500 enemies.


Call a wave within 3 seconds of the icon showing up.


Use Rain of Fire 5 times in a single stage.

Land Owner

Build on all holders on any given campaign stage.

What's that?

Open 5 information cards.

Home Improvement

Upgrade all basic tower types to level 3


Call 10 waves early.


Kill 2.500 enemies.


Build 100 towers.

Hero of the Day

Level up any hero to level 5.

Death from Above

Kill 100 enemies with meteor showers.


Earn 15 stars.

The Architect

Build 150 towers.

Cannon Fodder

Send 1.000 soldiers to their deaths.

Genie in a Bottle

Defeat Nazeru, the red efreeti.


Apply one Falconer bonus to 4 towers.

Die Hard

Have your soldiers regenerate a total of 50.000 life.

Land manager

Clean debris from 10 holders.

Colonial Marine

Kill 30 Parasytes or Reapers.


Kill 10.000 enemies.

Cull the weak

Weaken 100 enemies with the Totem of Weakness.

G.I. Joe

Train 1.000 soldiers.

Feed me, Seymour

Feed over 50 creatures to the Snapvines.

Tarzan Boy

Complete a jungle stage without the hero dying.

Money talks

Hire 10 or more mercenaries.

Save the princess!

Save a captive princess.


Earn 30 stars.

The Walking Dead

Kill 100 Tribal zombies.


Build all 8 tower specializations.


Defeat Quincon, the Jungle King.

Legen (wait for it) dary

Level up any hero to max level.


Have 20 skeleton minions active at the same time.

Silence please!

Silence 70 spellcasters with the Spirit Totem.

Is that Wilhelm?

Defeat 10 climbing enemies.


Change soldiers' rally point 200 times.

Stuff ’o’ maker

Have a genie polymorph 10 enemies.


Earn 45 stars.

Dodge This!

Have your assassins dodge 1000 attacks.

You shall not pass!

Defeat the Dark Lord and save the realm!

Great Defender

Complete all Campaign stages.

Bolt out the Sun

Have the Crossbow forts shoot 10.000 bolts.


Complete an underground stage without the hero dying.

Organic Impulse

Make a Desert Bantah move.

SOS to the world

Find the secret message.

Optimus Prime

Have your Mechas defeat 500 enemies.


Build 3 Mechas on any one stage.

Popular BBQ

Set 20 enemies on fire at the same time.

One Froggy Evening

Find the singing frog.

Zombie Walk

Destroy 100 zombies under a full moon.


Deal over 30.000 damage with Critical Mass explosions.

I'm the Lizard King

Defeat Xyzzy, the Saurian King.


Kill 50 swimming enemies.

Dr. Henry Walton

Help Indiana find the secret passage.


Survive 13 full moons without losing a single life.

In the Navy

Sink 5 enemy gunboats.

I See Dead People

Defeat 6 Phantom Warriors before they harm any soldier with their aura of death.

Perfect Storm

Kill 3 Bluegales while under a storm.


Complete the desecrated grove without any ghosts escaping.

Dead and Loving it

Defeat Vasile, the Everlasting Prince.

Squid in its ink

Defeat Leviathan, the Underwater God.

Fujita #5

Pick up 500 enemies with the Twister spell.


Find a mermaid.

Death from below

Kill over 100 enemies with the drill.

Twist and shout

Have the Spear maidens perform 50 whirlwinds.

Divide and conquer

Build a specialist tower of each type on any stage.

The Black Pearl

Kill 30 enemies with the pirate ship's cannons.

Mummy at the Gates

Kill a Sandwraith before it summons any Fallen.


Kill 20 Sharks before they reach the shore.

Grim Reaper

Have your Death Riders claim 99 lives.

One *ugly* $%@#

Find all 3 alien hunters.

Iron Defender

Complete all Iron stages.

Heroic Defender

Complete all Heroic stages.


Have one templar revive 5 times in a row.

Ali Baba

Have your assassins steal 10.000 gold.


Complete stage 4 without losing any soldiers to the Sandworm.


Have a single dwarf soldier heal a total of 500 life.

You've found me

Find the hidden mortal reptilian combatant.

Let it bleed!

Kill 100 enemies by letting them bleed to death.

Supreme Defender

Complete the campaign in Veteran mode.