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No missable achievements (plus 179 unknown)

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Platinum Pace

Earn a platinum medal in any race

Tanks Very Much

Achieve level 10 and gain the Tank Role

Mission Control

Achieve level 10 and gain the Controller Role

The Healing Touch

Achieve level 10 and gain the Healer Role

Willpower Outage

Defeat the Scion of Will before the Sliceclaws power it up


Complete Oan Sciencells without being knocked out

Fight for the Light

Complete Coast City Duo, STAR Labs Alert, Coast City Alert and Oan Sciencells Alert

For My Next Trick!

Defeat Abra Kadabra while all the Riot-Bots are active without being knocked out

Parole Denied

Defeat Red Lantern Vice, Yellow Lantern Lyssa Drak and Evil Star in the Oan Sciencells

Not that Repulsive

Defeat Vice in the Coast City Duo without restarting the repulsor

Low Battery

Beat the Final Confrontation as a hero without using any Logic Batteries within the Hangar at Ferris Aircraft in Coast City

They Used to be Adventurers

Ensure all three Colossal Archers reach the front lines at the Paradise Court battle in the Themyscira: The Gates of Tartarus raid

Reap the Rewards

Defeat 100 Paradox Reapers in Central City

In Prime Time

Finish the Prime Battleground Raid in 15 minutes or less


Complete the Themyscira: The Gates of Tartarus raid in 20 minutes or less

Prime Timeline

Complete the Massive Speed Force Rupture Event

Guilty On All Charges

Allow all Sentences to run their full course when fighting the Supreme Justice in the South Gotham Courthouse Alert

Prime Numbers

Defeat all three Prime Avatars without destroying any of the Brainiac Spawners

Timely Closing Arguments

Defeat the Prosecutor and Defense Attorney within 10 seconds of each other in the South Gotham Courthouse Alert

Quickly, Into the Past

Complete the Cosmic Treadmill: Flashback Duo in under 7 minutes

Two Tickets to Paradox

Seal both types of Massive Speed Force Ruptures

Parole Granted

Defeat Red Lantern Vice, Green Lantern Guy Gardner and Evil Star in the Oan Sciencells

Rogues' Gallery

Complete all of the Rogues' Wanted Posters

Interior Designer

Unlock Free Placement Mode

Illogical Reasoning

Beat the Final Confrontation as a villain without using any Logic Batteries within the Hangar at Ferris Aircraft in Coast City

Play On

Complete the Cosmic Treadmill: Flashback Duo without destroying any Sonic Emitters

Jury Tampering

Stack the jury with 12 humans, not allowing any Brainiac Jurors to be transported to the Bailiff in the South Gotham Courthouse Alert

Intergalactic Planetary

Collect all styles in the Sector Agent set

Planetary Intergalactic

Collect all styles in the Sector Incendiary set

Fate in the Balance

Complete the wave event at the start of the Wayward Souls operation without letting Doctor Fate get knocked out

Spirited Defense

Complete the With a Vengeance operation without letting any spirits disrupt the summoning circle

Crash of the Titans

Complete all of the Titans' Bounties

Together We Stand

Complete the Assault: Headquarters arena match without letting any iconic allies get knocked out

Uncover the Truth

Complete all of the Collections, Briefings, and Investigations available in the Battle for Earth DLC

No Bedtime for Bozo

Defeat Tala before the Bumbler Hellthrall is knocked out during the Black Dawn operation

Bottle Opener

Complete 250 Battle for Earth Duos

Space Invader

Unlock Ursa, Power Girl, Amon Sur and Kilowog Legendary Battle Arena Avatars

The Armor Makes the Man

Collect all styles for the Knight PvP Battlesuit

Knight Moves

Collect a complete Checkmate PvP Battlesuit

A Soul Beating

Defeat the Fused Soul at the end of the Soul Alchemy operation in 3 minutes or less

Let's Get a Rally Going!

Rally 50 iconic allies in Assault: Headquarters arena matches

This House is Clean

Complete the feats: My Life as a Robot, Hostage Negotiator, and Spacial Delivery

Making a Name for Yourself

Knock out 50 iconic enemies in Assault: Headquarters arena matches

Putting the Safe Back in Safehouse

Win 100 Assault: City Safehouses arena matches

How to Train Your Wizard

Unlock the Doctor Fate and Felix Faust Legend Battle Avatars

Not Even a Scratch

Defeat Ra's al Ghul in the Unpaid Dues operation without allowing Felix Faust to take any damage

Organic Gardening

Defeat Swamp Thing in the Seeds of Rot operation without destroying any Children of Nature seed pods

Runes to My Memory

Collect all styles in the Runes of the Norsemen set

An Epic Odyssey

Defeat the Paradox Tyrant in the Paradox Wave raid without closing any of the Speed Force tunnels

Ace Chemicals Ace

Complete all of the exterior missions at Ace Chemicals

Volatile Hostiles

Defeat the Nexus Omega Drone inside the Nexus of Reality without allowing any Volatile Robots to explode

Leave Them

Defeat Jor-El on Krypton without defeating any of the House of El reinforcements

The World of Fashion

Complete the feats: I Can HAZMAT, Don't Pick Up Hitchhikers, Lost and Foundry, and Maximum Security

Riot Squad

Complete all of the exterior missions at Stryker's Island

A Fistful of Arkham

Complete all of the exterior missions at Arkham Island

Missiles Missed

Complete the iconic boss fight inside Wayne Tower without anyone being hit by the missile barrage

It's a Shutout!

Win 5 consecutive Lair PvP Battles without letting your opponents win a single round

Silent Hunter

Disable three control panels in the Iconic Anomaly: The Hunt solo instance without alerting any mobsters

All Their Base

Win 1000 Lair PvP Battles

Controlled Collateral Damage

Complete the Iconic Anomaly: Test Subject #1 solo instance without any scientists getting knocked out

Factory Direct

Complete all of the exterior missions at Steelworks

25th Century Model

Collect all styles in the Time Traveler set

Power Corrupts

Collect all styles in the Corrupted set

Fallen Idols

Destroy 3 Jacob Idols in the Amusement Mile area of the Gotham Wastelands without defeating any of the civilian worshippers

Pride and Joy

Collect all styles in the Prideful set

High Hopes

Collect all styles in the Exalted set


Complete the Take Pride mission 14 times

Not What I Ordered

Defeat 19 Primeval Demons summoned from a botched Envy ritual in the Knightsdome area of the Gotham Wastelands

Multitude of Sins

Defeat Jack, James, or Julius 17 times in the Sons of Trigon Duos

Aerial Antics

Achieve level 30 with an Aerial movement mode

Blood Brothers

Collect all styles in the Blood-Cursed set

Explosive Denial

During the Lantern Strike Team operation, defeat the first boss without allowing any of the explosives to detonate

You Conduit to it!

Destroy the conduits in the final battle of the Assault and Battery operation before they can become active

No Mistake

During the Mist Recovery operation, complete the events in New S.T.A.R. Labs without allowing the enemy to take any of the mist containers

Corner the Market

During the Themyscira Divided alert, do not allow any of the bazaars in the Merchant Quarter to be retaken by the enemy

Don't Go Ballistic

Defeat the final boss in the Port of Paradise duo without using the ballistae

Beware My Power

Collect all styles in the Scion of Ion set

I Got This

During the final fight in the Iconic Vision: Aegis of Truth solo instance, allow your Amazon allies to rest and do not rally them

Don't Get Mad, Get Even

Defeat the Agitated Pulsar SL-1 trooper 17 times in the Downtown Metropolis Battlezone

Burn Like My Power

Collect all styles in the Disciple of Parallax set

Keep It Safe

Pick up the crate at the start of the Themyscira Supply Lines duo and deliver it safely to the docks -- you must protect it with your life!

One Woman Army

Complete the Iconic Vision: Circe's Trial solo instance without using her Legends loadout pet powers: Summon: Bestiamorph Berserker, Mirror Image

Witch Trial

Complete the Iconic Vision: Circe's Trial solo instance once without activating her deceptions, and once after activating all of them

Lead By Example

Collect all styles in the Amazon Strategos set

No Eggscape

Complete the Intergang Crime Wave operation by defeating Bruno Mannheim and Chang Tzu at the same time, ensuring that neither have a chance to escape

Temple of Boom

Defeat each of the Temple Guardians in the Iconic Vision: Aegis of Truth solo instance

Ruffling Feathers

While on the Flock, Stock, and Barrel mission in Gotham Under Siege, defeat 150 airborne enemies using a ballista

Null and Void

Defeat the final boss in the League Hall: Security Breach alert after recharging the Nullifier at least 12 times

Let's Get Dangerous

Complete the League Hall: Lockdown raid without your entire team getting knocked out, and while allowing the intruders to create exactly three parts of the makeshift teleporter

Behind Closed Doors

Defeat 20 Dregg Wardens in the Necropolis: Relics of Urgrund raid

Drop the Weapon!

During the Artifacts from the Past operation, defeat the second subboss at least once for each type of ancient weapon he wields

Dregg or Alive

Defeat 450 Dregg Warriors, Dregg Berserkers, Dregg Seers, or Dregg Huskarls

Exit Through the Gift Shop

Collect all 9 Artifacts of Urgrund Replica Base Items

Champion of Earth

Achieve level 30 as a hero mentored by Superman

Hot Potato

Avoid being hit by Glomulus's Greedy Butthead attack in the Spark of Ion duo

Femme Fatale

Prevent Fatality from releasing any Star Sapphires from crystals during the Zamaron Conversion Chamber alert

Any Which Way But Lose

Defeat Bleez, Furious Metallo, and Vice in every possible order during the Spark of Parallax solo instance

In One Piece

During the Love and War operation, delay engaging Impassioned Wonder Woman until after Carol Ferris arrives, then defeat her before Carol Ferris

Teleport of Entry

Complete the Cain Street Mall portion of the Love and War operation after allowing the Star Sapphires to repair each of the three teleporters at least once

Going Green

Collect any 6 Living Planet Base Items from the War of the Light Part II DLC

Swiftly Supreme

Achieve level 30 with a Swift movement mode

Agile Ace

Achieve level 30 with an Agile movement mode

Knight for Justice

Achieve level 30 as a hero mentored by Batman

Bring a Dog to Heal

Do not defeat any Creature Handlers during the Cerberus fight in the Halls of Hades raid

Final Destination

Defeat each stage of the Throne of the Dead raid without any group members getting knocked out

Futile Efforts

Never allow Brainiac's forces to activate their teleporters outside his forcefield dome in the Prime Battleground portion of the Return to the Nexus operation

Forged in Battle

Avoid the Forge Spirit during the Forge Master fight in the Halls of Hades raid

Fire Hydrant

Defeat 13 Shades by luring them into the Hydra's fire during the Act of Defiance operation

Totally Totem-Free

Defeat 36 Totem Masters before they can place a Totem of Hades during the Throne of the Dead raid

Golden Path of Destruction

Complete all of the rooms in the Labyrinth of Lost Souls raid in the most efficient order

Rockin' the Paradise Island

Collect any 13 Base Items from the Amazon Fury Part II DLC

Warrior of Truth

Achieve level 30 as a hero mentored by Wonder Woman

The Joker in the Deck

Achieve level 30 as a villain mentored by the Joker

The Queen's Favorite

Achieve level 30 as a villain mentored by Circe

Criminal Mastermind

Achieve level 30 as a villain mentored by Lex Luthor

Extra Credit for Granny

During the Fatal Exams operation, earn Granny Goodness's Extra Credit by disabling all of the energy conduit nodes on the first attempt before Brainwashed Mister Miracle and Brainwashed Big Barda become shielded


Complete the Happiness Home raid without successfully completing any of the Parademon side rooms

Living on the Edge

Do not interact with any Conversion Chamber Control Consoles in the New Genesis Now operation

New Genesis by Design

Collect any 13 Base Items from the Halls of Power Part II Episode


Defeat 168 enemies on New Genesis while affected by the Radiation from the environment near the cannonades

Perfect Grades

During the Fatal Exams operation, earn a passing grade on each of Granny Goodness' Tests and the Extra Credit in a single run

Death Rays of Sunshine

Complete the Happiness Home raid with 3 of Granny Goodness' terminals active for at least 4 minutes while her prize pupil is active in the fight

Indigo Light Shines Bright

Prevent corrupted Zamaron crystals from knocking out Indigo-1 during the final fight in the Corrupted Zamaron duo

Bird Watching

During the Desecrated Cathedral Alert, don't let ally Raven's health ever get below 75% while fighting enemy Raven

No More No Less

During the Bombshell Paradox operation, defeat the Tenebrae Assassins that accompany The Lady al Ghul exactly 9 times before defeating her on the first attempt

Rogue Red Balloons

During the Flash Museum Burglary Duo, pop all of the Flash Museum Balloons that have escaped the souvenir shop

Corruption Interruption

Defeat Corrupted T'Larto once without defeating the Corrupted Energy, and once again after defeating 5 Corrupted Energies

Elemental, My Dear

Complete the Demon's Pit Duo, disarming every one of the Nature, Fire, and Storm Alchemist's Bombs before they trigger

Trigon's Inferno

During the Unholy Matrimony Operation, defeat Trigon without allowing him to gain any Demonic Energy

Banned Book

During the Blackest Day Operation, defeat the second boss without any group members getting KOed by the Book of the Black

Not Hungry

Complete the Deep Desires solo instance without getting knocked out

Don't Get Gonged

Defeat all of the League Lookouts before they sound the alarms in Nanda Parbat

Rock It

In the Wastelands Wonderland Duo, protect the Sentinels and never allow a single Crystal summoning to fail

Mist Fulfillment

During the Blackest Night Operation, defeat Nekron after using the fewest possible Diamond Mist containers to cleanse Nekron's Black Lantern Battery

Security System Sidestep

During the First Piece Operation, defeat the final boss in the museum without either group member being hit by a museum defense security laser


During the Prison Break Operation, defeat Gorilla Grodd on the first attempt and only use the Anti-Metahuman activation terminal once


During the Science Spire challenge, energize the Central Power Conduit with no more than 4 energy spheres

Nothin' But Chasm

During the Phantom Zone Operation, on the first attempt at the fight, throw all of the Sunstone Crystals into the chasm before the timer expires on any of them, then defeat the Malfunctioning Jor-El A.I.

The Digital Age

During the Brainiac's Bottle Ship Operation, defeat Brainiac while General Zod and Supergirl are both under Brainiac's control

Healing License Revoked

During The Will of Darkseid Operation, defeat Steppenwolf after defeating at least nine Parademon Fixers

Sack the Vandal

During the A Rip in Time Operation, defeat the final boss in ancient Kahndaq without allowing him to ever utilize his Savage Blast in a single run

Omega 13

During the Darkseid's War Factory (Non-Elite) Raid, defeat Darkseid after group members have fallen to Darkseid's Omega Beams exactly thirteen times

Stashed Loot...ed

Locate the suitcases of stashed loot the Joker Goons left behind during Harley's Heist at the Regal Hotel

Chillin' Like a Villain

Complete the Iceberg Lounge solo instance without getting knocked out

Green Thumbs

During the Wayne Manor Gala Duo, defeat the final bosses without disabling any of the hydroponic setups and without allowing any of the hydroponic setups to spawn an enemy by destroying them all before even one of their timers expires

Resistance is Futile

During the Kandor Raid, defeat Domsday without any group member setting off Doomsday's Adaptive Resistance

Phoenix of Vengeance

During the Underworld Trials Alert, defeat Medusa after the Phoenix joins the battle

Do You Feel That?

In the Raising Hades Duo, on the first attempt during the Ixion fight, do not knock out Shade minions before all four Braziers are snuffed out, then defeat Ixion.

No Eggsit

During the God of Monsters raid (Non-Elite), defeat Typhon without causing any extra monster eggs to hatch

From Whence They Came

During the Seeing Shades Again Mission, destroy three Portal Anomalies before defeating Faust and then defeat him once again without destroying a single Anomaly

Bobbing for Golden Apples

During the Olympus Elite Raid, only defeat Zeus after the group eats at least 13 Golden Apples on that attempt

Dreamland Defender

Complete these feats from the Time-Torn Area 51: Knocking on Death's Door, In the Nick of Time, Paradox Punisher, and The Times They Are A-Changin'

Monkey See Monkey Do

During the Saving Justice Alert, while fighting Ultra-Humanite, complete the boss battle once while never allowing the JSA to be harmed. Then complete the boss battle again while allowing the JSA to be hurt at least twice, but not three times.

Time Master

Complete these feats from the Justice For All Raid: Time Out, Out of Time, and One Out of Time, One at a Time

Ultimate Victory

Defeat the Ultimate Soldier in his different states to claim and Ultimate Victory

Tick, Tick... Boom!

During the Earth 3: Injustice System (Normal) Alert, don't let any guests at the Gala get blown up in the Owlman Fight.

Fire Safety Test... It Works

During Earth 3: The Visitor (Normal) Duo, in Lex's Office, defeat Alexander Luthor once without getting frozen by the Freezing Trap and once again by being frozen at least one time.


During Earth 3: The Panopticon (Normal or Elite) Raid, defeat each of the bosses in the 4 minutes or less.

Justice Served, Suddenly

During Earth 3: The Escape (Normal or Elite) Raid, defeat the Final Bosses all within 12 seconds of each other.

Breath Saver

During the Spindrift Raid, drain the flooded room without letting your teammates run out of oxygen.

On the Nose

During the Atlantis: Crown of Thorns (Elite) Raid, prevent King Shark from using his Feeding Frenzy on your group mates throughout the encounter.

Book by its Cover

During the JLD: Fellowship of Arcane Light (Event, Normal or Elite) Raid, locate the books: Ebontome (Abridged), Magic for Dum-Dums, Adventures of Alley-Kat-Abra, "Sleight of Hand : dnaH fo thgielS" by Giovanni Zatara, Seances: Beyond the Veil, A History of the Starheart, Cei-U and Other Magic Words, Sargon the Sorcerer's Autobiography, and To Eternity and Beyond.

(Sea) Beast Mode

During the Atlantis: The Throne (Elite) Raid, defeat Sea Beast without anyone in the group being picked up and chewed on by the Sea Beast during one attempt at the fight.

Disco Dance Off

During the Titans: H.I.V.E. Base (Normal and Elite), all members must avoid taking any damage from the floor traps.

If a Tree Falls

During the Atlantis: Silent School (Normal) Alert, in the first boss fight, all Thorn Magi must be hit at least once by the Thorn Golem's Timber attack.


During the Titans: The Machine Raid (Normal or Elite), defeat 45 Dive Bombers in one run.

Half Cracked

In the JLD: Shattered Gotham Raid (Normal), reach 50% Madness during the Tala fight and remain above 50% Madness for the rest of the instance.

Temple Throwdown

During the Atlantean Temple portion of the Story Mission (Normal), in a single run, defeat at least 30 enemies that emerge from the moonpools.

Leader of the Pack

During the JLD: Darkness Rising (Event or Normal) Alert, defeat 151 werewolves in the European Castle.

Merciful Minerva!

During the False Idols (Normal or Elite) Raid, let Wonder Woman destroy the Drachma with the Sunblade without being interrupted by Amazons or the Merciless.

A Fate Worse Than Death

Defeat Lady Blackhawk in Metal Pt. II: The Phoenix Cannon (Normal or Elite) Raid, without knocking out Lieutenant Thrasher

Hard No-Core

During Birds of Prey: Volcano Mining Facility (Normal), in the Lex Luthor fight, defeat Lex Luthor without using the power cores from his fallen warsuits.

Mirror, Mirror

During the Metal Pt. II: Damage Control (Normal) Alert, in a single run, successfully complete the mirror configuration to blind the Drowned twice.

The Forgemaster Commeth

During the Into the Dark Multiverse (Normal or Elite) Raid, have no one in the group get knocked out during the fight with Forgemaster Hawkman.

Mental Mettle

Complete the following Metal Pt. II: Batscape Duo feats: Mental Guard Part 1, Mental Guard Part 2, Let Your Guard Down, Dark Knightmares, Inner Demon Slayer, Barbat-Toss, and Apparition Abolition

Crows Barred

During the Monsters of Metal (Normal or Elite) Raid, win the final boss fight only after first defeating at least 13 Dark Robins during that fight.

Don't Stand So Close

Defeat Reprogrammed Oracle-Bot in BoP: The Clock Tower (Normal or Elite) without triggering Exostatic by being too close to another player of the opposite polarity.

Save Your Bacon

Defeat Lobo in the LexCorp Tower (Normal) Solo without taking damage from his Spacehog.

Smoldering Survivors

During the BoP: Fire & Brimstone (Elite) Raid, defeat the first boss without anyone having been KOed with the Smoldering Grasping Hand debuff active in a single run of the fight