Astral Breakers achievement guide & roadmap



No missable achievements (plus 18 unknown)

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We've only just begun

Beat your first game.

Learn the Ropes

Watched the Tutorial.

Fight through the Cosmos

Beat all 12 zodiacs.

Three Chain

Perform a 3 combo.

Destroy your opponent until you unleash hype

Deploy the HYPE STAR!!!

Three of a kind

Win 3 games in a row.

Four Combo Fiend

Perform a 4 combo or better.

Making your own way to the Stars

Play with a Custom Zodiac.

You are a winner in life

Win 40 Games.

Perfect Ten

Win 10 games in a row!

You gotta go fast!

Beat the Zodiac on SUPER HARD mode.

100 times over

Play 100 games.

Brilliant Scorer

Score more than 25000 on HARD.

Supreme Winner

Win 200 games.

All the way to One Thousand

Play 1000 games.

Scorer Extraordinaire

Score more than 60000 on MEDIUM.

Super Scorer

Score more than 30000 on MEDIUM.

The Score Master

Score more than 50000 on HARD.