Once on a windswept night achievement guide & roadmap



No missable achievements (plus 50 unknown)

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Lycoris welcomes you to her library.

The beginning of stories

Start a new story.

Little Miss Sunshine

Throw caution to the wind!

Welcome back

Return to the library for a second time.

The whisperer in the darkness

Listen to a mysterious voice.


Read Madeleine's story.

Hell's kitchen

D-Did you just insult a girl's cooking?! You monster!

Endless rain

Madeleine refuses to share her story.


Read Daffodil's story.

Pretty woman

Offer Daffodil a few too many compliments.

Moving on

The traveller leaves the church early.

Drifting away

Let yourself forget everything.

Liar, liar

The traveller refuses to tell Daffodil the truth.

Beneath the tree

Read a lonely spirit's story.

My true self

You remember who you are.

Happily ever after

Reach your happy ending.

Spilled ink

Bring the story to a premature close.


Try to steal Lycoris' most precious possession.

Behind the scenes

Wait for a play that's already over.

Shrimp princess

Learn of the library's overseer.

Only you

Lycoris gets a little too possessive.

Budding blossoms

Name yourself after a certain flower.

Pretty in pink

Masquerade as a tsundere oujou-chan.

Third time's the charm

Make yourself the third Madeleine.

Flower garden

Multiply the number of daffodils in the story.

Incorrigible sadist

Arrange the actors back on the stage.

Stolen identity

Take the traveller's name for your own.

Cat paradise

Pretend to be a catgirl from a certain other series.

Empty sketchbook

Steal the sensibilities of an artist.

Like, BA-DAN!

Become what you've always wanted to be - cheerful.


Become the author yourself.

Sweetest monster

Because catgirls are incredibly popular.

Strawberry girl

Remodel yourself as a tiny tsundere.


Turn into a depressed poet.

What's in a name?

At least it's better than Thomasetta.

Demon of gluttony

Feed me, or I'll reap your soul!

Miss Maiorano

Learn how to speak Italian.

An ode to Lillian Wordsworth

Become the unreachable object of everyone's affections.

If I burn

Don't go down in flames.

Idiot onee-san

Try being an unreliable big sister.


Without the three bears.

English rose

Transform into a Victorian maiden.

She walks in beauty

Act like an aloof lady.

Tea for two

Learn Lycoris' favourite flavour of tea.

Maids, knee socks

Receive an interesting proposition from Lycoris.

Exit pursued by bear

Answer Lycoris' question incorrectly.

Team Daffodil

Profess your love for Daffodil.

Just in time

Return to the library when Lycoris needs you the most.

Team Madeleine

Profess your love for Madeleine.

Girls have cooties!

Profess your profound distaste for women.