Grenade Madness achievement guide & roadmap



No missable achievements (plus 41 unknown)

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First try

Play for 10 minutes

That was a little bit sticky

Kill 1 enemy with Sticky grenade

I'll be back

Heal yourself for 100 HP when you are near to death (less than 10HP)

Why would you build that?

Build 10 crates

The journey begins

Reach level 10

1st Frag

Kill 1 enemy with Frag grenade

Hip Hap Hop

Kill 100 enemies with Frag grenade

Try'em all

Try every active ability

First Blood

Kill 1 enemy


Kill 100 enemies

First hundred on a wall

Kill 100 enemies with Sticky grenade

Melee fanboy

Kill 50 enemies with melee weapon

Well, what can I say?

Play for 800 minutes

Holy time

Kill 1 enemy with Holy grenade

Looks promising

Play for 100 minutes

First Win

Win the game (first in ladder)

It's done, It's over

Reach level 200

Hip Hap Hop #2

Kill 500 enemies with Frag grenade

Getting better

Reach level 50


Kill 500 enemies

On the better side

Reach level 150


Kill 1000 enemies

Two flies in one grenade

Kill 2 enemies with one grenade 100 times

Death from stealth #4

Kill 40 enemies with active Ghost powerup

Top Secret

Top Secret

Thousands of kills

Kill 5000 enemies

Holy Moly

Kill 150 enemies with Holy grenade

You know how to do that!

Kill 3 enemies with one grenade 100 times

Whoah 4:20 a.m.

Play for 3000 minutes

That's a pretty good tactic

Use teleport 40x to kill enemy

Nothing left for you

Collect 100 power-ups in one game

Half way there

Reach level 100

Map explorer

Play every map

Watch out!

Win 160 games (first in ladder)

Glue for everyone

Kill 5000 enemies with Sticky grenade

Catch'em all

Collect all power-ups

Frags, that's what I live for

Kill 5000 enemies with Frag grenade

Bob The Builder

Build 500 crates

They didn't see that coming

Kill 500 enemies with Sticky grenade

You will die for my death

Kill an enemy when you're dead 100 times


Kill 10000 enemies