Ace of Words achievement guide & roadmap



No missable achievements (plus 18 unknown)

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My First Word

First word correctly entered.

The User

First 4-Letter Word


10 Words Solved

The Aimer

First 5-Letter Word

The Slicer

First 6-Letter Word

The Toddler

50 Words Solved

First 100 Words

100 Words Solved


Unlock the hint for the first time.


200 Words Solved

Puzzle Solver

Unlock the next game for the first time.

Anagram Master

Solve All Words In the Puzzle

The Adviser

First 7-Letter Word


600 Words Solved

The Achiever

First 8-Letter Word

First Thousand Words

1000 words Solved

The Preschooler

2000 Words Solved

The First Grader

2500 Words

The Graduate

5000 Words Solved