Gal*Gun: Double Peace achievement guide & roadmap



No missable achievements (plus 39 unknown)

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Give a Girl Euphoria

Feelin' the Doki-Doki

Experience Your First Doki-Doki Mode

Shot to the Heart

Get 100 Ecstasy Shots

Mr. Trigger Happy

Fire 1000 Pheromone Shots

Jubilation Across Campus

Give 500 Girls Euphoria

The Final Doki-Doki

Experience Your First Final Doki-Doki Mode

Round Thing in Your Face

Get a Perfect Score on “Shinobu in the Window”

At the End of the Day

View Your First Ending

Gonna Get What She Wants

Get a Perfect Score on “Her Majesty Shinobu”

A Sticky Situation

Get a Perfect Score on “Maya's Demon Calling”

Getting Things Done

Fulfill 10 of the Girls' Requests

Love Gun

Get a 30 Combo of Ecstasy Shots

Tender Loving Care

Get a Perfect Score on “Maya's Medical Care”

Fundraising for Love

Shinobu = Best Girl

View Shinobu's True Ending

Maya = Best Girl

View Maya's True Ending

Monster Hunting on Campus

Receive a “Perfect!” Score VS Mr. Demon Balloon

Take Down the Evil Vegetation

Receive a “Perfect!” Score VS Mr. Demon Veggie

Double Peace for Days

Make 50+ Girls Experience “Double Peace”

Angelic Fusion Dance

Get a Perfect Score on “Sisters' Odd Ritual”


Achieve Godlike Rank

Apply It Liberally

Get a Perfect Score on “Demon-Attracting Balm”

Kurona = Best Girl

Ekoro = Best Girl

Battle With the Bae: Shinobu

Receive a “Perfect!” Score VS Shinobu

I Love 'Em Both!

Battle With the Bae: Maya

Receive a “Perfect!” Score VS Maya

Pilferer of Panties

Collect All of the Panties From the Changing Room

Girl of Your Dreams

Battle With the Bae: Shinobu & Maya

Patako = Best Girl

All Options Considered

View All of the True Endings

Battle With the Bae: Ekoro

Exorcise the Demons

Defeat 100 Demon Girls

Battle With the Bae: Kurona

Battle With the Bae: Patako

Pretty Pictures

Obtain All Images in the Gallery

Data Gatherer

Complete Profiles for Every Girl

True Gal*Gun Master

Unlock All Trophies