Flinthook achievement guide & roadmap



No missable achievements (plus 37 unknown)

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Star Sailor

You're leveling up! You've claimed the Star Sailor Relic!

Black eye

You've beaten Bad Billy Bullseye!


A good score against Bad Billy Bullseye, earns you the Twitch Relic!


A good score against Admiral Goldfeathers, earns you the Roasted Relic!

Quarter Master

After many levels, you've won the Quarter Master Relic!

Plucked Goldfeathers

You've beaten Admiral Goldfeathers!

Fast Plucker

This great score against Admiral Goldfeathers grants you the Fast Plucker Relic!

Silver Bullseye

Making short work of Bad Billy Bullseye, earns you the Silver Bullseye relic!

Bronze Infinite Run

This great score during the Infinite Mode grants you the Bronze Infinite Run Relic!

Space Captain

Rising through the levels! The Space Captain Relic is yours!

Liquified Von Guu

You've beaten Baron Von Guu!


You've wrecked an enormous amount of ships! It's only natural to get the Shipwrecker Relic!

Silver Infinite Run

A good score during the Infinite Mode earns you the Silver Infinite Run Relic!

Golden Bullseye

You've handed Bad Billy Bullseye a speedy defeat! You win the Golden Bullseye Relic!


A good score against Gwarlock, earns you the Fingersnap Relic!

Fall of Gwarlock

You've defeated Gwarlock. But maybe there's a better way?

Silver Goldfeathers

Making short work of Admiral Goldfeathers, earns you the Silver Goldfeathers relic!

Broken Glass

A good score against Baron Von Guu, earns you the Broken Glass Relic!

Rumbled Grimble

You've beaten Tusky Grimble!

Stuffed Glutton

You've beaten Vorace Horace!

Silver Gwarlock

Making short work of Gwarlock, earns you the Silver Gwarlock relic!

Dueling Deaths Unbound

You've freed the Dueling Deaths from their curse!

Fiat Lux!

You've saved Gwarlock! The Lighthouse is lit once more. Peace returns to the cosmos!

Golden Infinite Run

A solid score during the Infinite Mode wins the Golden Infinite Relic!

Golden Goldfeathers

You've handed Admiral Goldfeathers a speedy defeat! You win the Golden Goldfeathers Relic!


This great score against Bad Billy Bullseye grants you the Blink Relic!

Silver Von Guu

Making short work of Baron Von Guu, earns you the Silver Von Guu relic!

Oh Snap

This great score against Gwarlock grants you the Oh Snap Relic!


This great score against Baron Von Guu grants you the Oozed Relic!

Golden Gwarlock

You've handed Gwarlock a speedy defeat! You win the Golden Gwarlock Relic!

Golden Von Guu

You've handed Baron Von Guu a speedy defeat! You win the Golden Von Guu Relic!

Perk Collector

You've collected all the Perks!

Rex Fractus

You've defeated every Rex versions of the bounties!

Relic Fanatic

You've collected all the ancient relics!

Black Reward

You've collected all Black Market Items


You've collected all of the galaxy's Lore!

Platinum Pirate

Arr! You've obtained all of the achievements!