King Lucas achievement guide & roadmap



No missable achievements (plus 20 unknown)

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In company

Participate in one search in multiplayer mode.

Frog Princess

Find the frog Princess.

Amateur adventurer

Walk 100 rooms.

Free Willy!

Complete the seacrh of the dog William.

Professional explorer

Use the compass in one search.


Use life potion 10 times.

On the top

Reach the rooftop terrace of the castle.

Princesses rescuer

Complete the search of 3 princesses.

Afraid to spiders

Finish with 50 spiders.

Slimes hunter

Finish with 100 slimes.

The faster one

Complete one search before anyone in multiplayer mode.

Professional adventurer

Walk 250 rooms.


Use 50 keys to open doors.


Use invencibility potion 20 times.


Finish with 200 enemies using fire sword.

Full castle

Unlock all rooms in one castle.

Cold as ice

Kill 200 enemies using ice sword.

Expert adventurer

Walk 750 rooms.

Magician apprentice

Finish with 150 enemies using magic stick.

Good host

Organize 20 searchs in multiplayer mode.