And So It Was achievement guide & roadmap



No missable achievements (plus 18 unknown)

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Out Early for Good Behavior?

Complete the tutorial.

They Sure Collect a Lot of Stuff

Open 150 containers.

Something for the Road

Pick up 150 pickups.

Not Too Shabby

Reach the Castle.

Didn't We Fight These Guys Already?

Defeat 150 enemies.

The Great Outdoors

Reach the Woods.

Made of Sugar

Reach the Mines.

Bright and Cold

Reach Snow Field.

The Power of the Gods

Faint from using Hard Hit.

And So It Was

Finish the game.

One More Time?

Faint 50 times.

Merry Christmas

Find the Christmas secret.

Some Light Reading

Complete the Spellbook.

That Wasn't a Scam, Was It?

Make all unique deals.

It Was Almost Like He Had Been There Before

Beat the game 10 times.


Faint after defeating the final Guardian.

Done Reading?

Read all lore.

I Don't Think This Was Here Before...

Find all secrets.