Isomer achievement guide & roadmap



No missable achievements (plus 30 unknown)

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Watch your step

Trigger an alarm in an enemy base

Lights out!

Disable your first enemy base

They Should Be Wearing Red Shirts

Kill 50 enemy soldiers

Grim Business

Loot 100 corpses


Collect 500 biomass from plants

Unexpected bonus

Loot 50 weapons

Did you see that??

Watch an enemy unit loot an alien weapon from a corpse and equip it

Knifey spoony

Next time try a larger gun

Kill 100 enemy engineers

They're not so tough...

Kill 25 enemy Heavies


Have a unit drown


Plant 10 biomass seeding trees

Aww nuts

Trigger a trapped resource crate

Putting the boot in

Kill and enemy unit with a proximity mine


Cause 500 secondary explosions


Reach the bottom level of the world

None shall stand against us

Kill 500 enemy soldiers

Oooh that was close

All that sparkles

Collect 1000 rare minerals

Resistance is futile

Kill 250 enemy heavies

Lambs to the slaughter

Kill 1000 enemy engineers

What's all this then?

Find 5 loot crates in enemy bases

War Crimes

Plant 20 proximity mines

Allied Tech Center

Reveal the whole world from a loot crate

Aim away from face

Lacking in all subtlety

Trigger 50 enemy base alarms

Cut the red wire

Disable 5 base alarms


Loot 5 promotions from crates

5 Star

Have a unit reach the maximum promotion level

Recession? What recession

Loot 10 resource cache crates