Stealth Inc 2 achievement guide & roadmap



No missable achievements (plus 12 unknown)

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Scarlett Pimperhell

Rescue a Clone from a Test Chamber!

Suicide Pact

Accidents may happen with the 'Inflate-A-Mate.

Boast Protocol

Discover and complete a secret Test Chamber.

Connoisseur Club

Play and complete a Community Map and rate it.

Freedom Fighter

Jack free a Clobot from the PTi Collective!

Snappy Threads

Collect every Clothing Pickup in the game.

Cloaked in Triumph

Find the top secret and untested Gadget!

Undead Army

Raise a small army of Skeleton Clones.

Sore Back

Beat any level without jumping.

The Thomas Riker Award

Rescue all Clones.

Gone Walkabout

Visit and uncover every room on the map.

Stealth Lord

S-Rank all Test Chambers.