Freaky Awesome achievement guide & roadmap



No missable achievements (plus 42 unknown)

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Factory Monster

Unlock a new mutation in the Factory


Upgrade the store 1 time

Victim of Experiments

Pick up 3 mutations in the Secret Lab

Triple Penetration

Kill 3 enemies with one hit

Heads Off

Kill the Tenheads boss in the Furnace

Wasp Lord

Kill the Wasp boss


Explore all rooms in 3 consecutive locations

Brotherly Grave

Die alongside one or more players


Kill 4 enemies in one room without hitting them directly

Double Dismemberment

Kill two enemies simultaneously with a buzz saw

Lab Monster

Unlock a new mutation in the Secret Lab

Lab Worm

Kill the Worm boss in the Secret Lab


Resurrect an ally on your team 3 times

Risen from the Ashes

Complete the Furnace without falling below 50% health

What the Hell Happened?

Kill all enemies in one location without hitting them directly

Fiery Monster

Unlock a new mutation in the Furnace

Keeping Calm

Find 2 stun guns in a single run

Rage Against the Worm

Kill the Worm boss while the Rage skill is active

Top of the Food Chain

Kill the boss in the Organism location

Life of the Party

Resurrect 3 different allies in the same room

Spider King

Kill the Spider boss without taking any damage

Frozen Monster

Unlock a new mutation in the Freezer

Makeshift Means

Kill 10 enemies with a flying barrel


Unlock all doors in all locations


Upgrade the store 10 times


It started from developer. To get it you should play in co-op with infected players.

Trusty Friend

Kill the Dog boss

Wasp Exterminator

Kill 10 enemies with a Wasp

Dark Corner

Go down to the Catacombs

Devoured Alive

Die in the Viscera location

Brains on the Wall

Kill the Brain boss


Kill 100 enemies with a Double Buzz Saw


Complete the "On the Razor's Edge" challenge

Born on the Inside

Unlock a new mutation in the Viscera location

Mandragora's Respect

Complete the Unbalanced Build challenge

The Magnificent Four

Complete a successful run with four players in co-op

Tainted Blood

Complete the "Survival" challenge

Spoiled Brat

Resurrect with the help of an Embryo 5 times

Matters of the Heart

Complete the Viscera location

Shoulder to Shoulder

Take an elevator down to the Organism location with a team of 3 friends


Kill 100 enemies with buzz saws

Maze Runner

Complete the "Labyrinth" challenge