Life is Hard achievement guide & roadmap



No missable achievements (plus 33 unknown)

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Roof over your head

You've built your first building.

Young magician

You've casted a spell for the first time.

Let's get acquainted!

You met Nords ambassador at first time.

The Architect

Choose the god of architecture.

The foundation

Gain 10 stone.

Rains of Northtamere

You've refused to pay a tribute for the first time.


Choose the god of fertility.


You've built 10 buildings.


Plant corn on the farm.

Water wears away the stone

Gain 50 stone


Choose the god of sun.

The power of nature!

Choose the god of nature.


You've paid a tribute for the first time.

The darkness comes...

Choose the dark side.

Firewood for winter

Gain 50 wood

Loot & Burn!

Choose the god of war.

Beginning of the beginning

Gain 10 wood.

The stone age

Gain 100 stone.

Building materials

Gain 100 wood

Life is not all beer and skittles

Brew some beer in tavern

Wagon wheels, wagon wheels...

Your wagon returned back

Some pork for lunch

Hunt down 10 animals.

Eastern fairy tale

Repair the portal

Purge the unclean

Punish the punisher

Destroy the nordic town


Happy New Year!

You've survived for 36 days.

Royal hunt

Hunt down 50 animals

Conquer the conqueror

Make nords pay tributes to you

Meteorite-killer from open space

A meteorite has fallen on one of your people's head.

Winter supplies

Hunt down 100 animals.

You shall not pass!

You've used magic for 100 times.


You've built 100 buildings.