Bad Rats achievement guide & roadmap



No missable achievements (plus 13 unknown)

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Fast Thinker

Solved five maps with less than one minute

Bad Rat Junior

Solved ten maps

Super Fast Thinker

Solved ten maps with less than one minute

Very Bad Rat

Solved twenty maps

Master Super Fast Thinker

Uou! Solved fifteen maps in less than one minute.

Economic Bad Rat

Completed five maps using less objects than planned

Serious Bad Rat

Thirty maps solved

Bad Bad Rat

Forty maps solved

Bad Rats' King

Completed all levels

One Single Rat Move

Completed two maps using one single object.

Extra Economic Bad Rat

Finished ten maps using less objects than the plan

One Click One Death

Finished 10 maps in the first try

Genius Economic Bad Rat

OHH! Fifteen maps completed using less objects than planned