The Book of Unwritten Tales 2 achievement guide & roadmap



No missable achievements (plus 51 unknown)

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Stop the drop

Survive the fall

Master Mechanic

Finish the tutorial


The Great Escape

Escape the Elfburrow


Free the school of kobolds


Make the library reappear

School's Out

Master your first day of school

Fisher Queen

Time Traveler

Sobered Up

Get Nate sobered up

Yo-ho-ho and a bottle of rum

Steal the lamp and flee


Receive the key to the city gate

It's aliiive!

Animate your golem

By a hair

Escape despite the surprising twist

King of DIY

Build your own golem

Mix Master

Mix the magic ink


Restore the electricity

You've got a friend in me

Strengthen a friendship

Master of Disguise

Disguise convincingly

File Muncher

Back to life

Bring back a friend

Mass Production

Help the zombies with the slate production

Savior of Princesses

Rescue Ivo

Let there be light

Illuminate the dark cave


Free your leader and your noble steed

Parting ways

Find RĂ©mi and learn more about Wilburs staff

Seeker of the Truth

Fulfill the oracle's wishes

Sulking Companions

Free your team mates


Obtain the Spark of Life

Dirt Devil

Finish the cleaning tasks of the headmaster

Klaatu verata... erm!

Obtain the Book of the Dead

Don't blink!

Obtain the Red Pirate's compass

Found and Lost

Win the battle, but not the war

Bug Hunter

Chase off the spider in the Darkwood


Obtain the ghost detecting device


Beat the Fear

I am the law!

Ghost Whisperer

Invoke the arch mage

Team Timmy

Turn Timmy back to normal

Last gnome standing

Return unscathed from the castle


Prevail against evil


Lost in the Woods


King of Games

Yes, master?

Math Magician

Ask the right math problem at the first go

To the bitter end


Servant of the Gods

Drunken Master

Hit all the symbols in the Drunken Punch minigame