Island Defense achievement guide & roadmap



No missable achievements (plus 16 unknown)

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Master of Combat

Complete level with 3 stars


Upgrade tower in the Laboratory

Defenders Brotherhood

Unlock all Heros

Master of War

Complete level with 3 stars on Hard Mode


Level up a hero to level 15

Special Forces

Complete the game

Minigun Master

Upgrade Minigun to level 5


Complete all levels with 3 stars

Tesla Master

Upgrade Tesla to level 5

Flame Squad Master

Upgrade Flame Squad to level 5

Ice Tower Master

Upgrade Ice Tower to level 5

Master of Towers

Upgrade all towers to level 5

Rocktet Launcher Master

Upgrade Rocket Launcher to level 5

Sniper Master

Upgrade Sniper to level 5

Elite Forces

Complete all levels on Hard Mode

Absolute Hero

Level up all heroes to level 15