Doom & Destiny achievement guide & roadmap



No missable achievements (plus 44 unknown)

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HeartBit thanks

Thanks for playing the game

Heroes in Pants

Reach Chapter 2.

Teach me Master!

Learn 10 Powers

You've found NOTHING!

Find the chest full of nothing.

A link to another Game

Reach Chapetr 3

Free rewards!

Get 4 Bronze Sidequest Stars

Judas Iscariot Super Star

Reach Chapter 4

Rangers of Power

Learn 45 Powers

I love power, it's so bad!

Learn 90 Powers

Super Doom & Bros

Reach Chapter 5


Reach Chapter 6

I'm on my way!

Get 4 Silver Sidequest Stars

It's a Secret to Everybody

Find 10 Secrets

Dr. Insano, I presume

Meet Dr. Insano

Mandatory Castle

Reach Chapter 7

Beat the Dragon!

Defeat Richard

Row Row your Boat

Buy the boat

Destiny & Doom

Beat Doom

Sidequests are easy!

Get 8 Bronze Sidequest Stars

Dragon's Balls

Learn the Ultimate Secret Technique

The Grinder!

Get 4 Gold Sidequest Stars

Green Ninja

Upgrade the Green Ring

Yellow Spaghetti

Upgrade the Yellow Ring

Red Zodiac

Upgrade the Red Ring

Blue Ice

Upgrade the Blue Ring

Big Blue

Buy the ship

I know they were there!

Find 20 Secrets

I like Sidequests!

Get 8 Silver Sidequest Stars

Dwarfs in Distress

Bring back home 3 Dwarfs

Where is Judas?

Meet Dr. Insano 3 times


Bring back home all Dwarfs

I believe I can fly

Buy the air baloon

Warp zone!

Defeat Richard's Army

Judas' Revenge

Defeat Robot Judas

The Destroctor!

Get 8 Gold Sidequest Stars

Defeat'em All

Defeat the twin Deaemon

Save the Princes, again!

Defeat Dr. Insano in his castle


Defeat the Flying Spaghetti Monster

Guardian of Power

Defeat a real Guardian of Power


Learn 180 Powers

Jimmy's Sidequest!

Get All (13) Bronze Sidequest Stars

Who's next!?!

Get All (13) Silver Sidequest Stars


Get All (13) Gold Sidequest Stars


Find All Secrets