Full Mojo Rampage achievement guide & roadmap



No missable achievements (plus 25 unknown)

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The gold finder

Pick up 1000 coins

Baron Samedi's follower

Complete Quest 1

Team play

Play in cooperative mode

The speaker

Talk to 3 different gods in a single match

The tough guy

Kill an enemy when you are heavily wounded (1% of life or less)

Brigitte's follower

Complete Quest 2

Team work

Complete a quest in cooperative mode

Mandingo slayer

Kill Mandingo without being damaged

The champion

Unlock the champion mask

Little worm

Kill Wormling without being damaged

Damballah's follower

Complete Quest 3

The summoner

Unlock all the gods

The initiated

Complete Quest 4

The last survivor

Complete survival mode

The gold master

Pick up 10000 coins

Level up

Reach max level

Gold medal

Get the best score in a PVP match

The gladiator

Complete survival mode in masochistic difficulty

The Houngan Sur Pwen

Complete all the quests in "Hardcore" difficulty

Kill Streak

Get 10 frags in a PVP row without being killed

The collector

Find all the items from the library

The Houngan

Complete all the quests in "Annoying" difficulty

The Houngan Asogwe

Complete all the quests in "Definitely not easy" difficulty

The Bokor

Complete all the quests in "WTH is this?" difficulty

The Loa

Complete all the quests in "This is VOODOOOO!" difficulty