The Solus Project achievement guide & roadmap



No missable achievements (plus 52 unknown)

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My very first secret

Collect your first secret

First Entry

Set foot on the planet

Beginner's Luck

Complete your survival training

Would not even wait to check in the hotel

Explore the backside of the first island

The Hatch

Find the ladder down


Survive a tornado


Extinguish a torch in water

E.T. Phone Home

Start the Communication Tower

I Made You A Mixtape

Find and pick up the music player

Darkest Danger

Overcome the dark encounter

Shish Kebab

Get hit by a spike plant

Horror Dolls

Have seen the dolls that cannot be unseen

No sane person would do this

Jump into the Hotspot crater

Illuminated Escape

Reach the island of Flashpoint

This swimming pool is awful

Dip your head in acid water

Man I sure hope they ain't all dead

Phone home

Thor Wannabe

Complete Flashpoint

Book Worm

Complete the library

Acid Trip

Return to the first caves after Flashpoint

Windy Escape

Reach the island of Highpoint

Ridiculously Courageous

Enter the Ice Path

Yeti Hunt

Enter the massive ice cavern

Long Distance Swimmer

Swim far off shore

Massive Fan

Complete Highpoint

Sauna Pretender

Reach the island of Hotspot

Tomb Raider

Open 50 boxes

Alien Living Room Explorer

Find the energy source


Collect 50 secrets

The Messiah

Return to the Crossroad Island with an energy source


Collect 75 secrets

Oh, I need this?

Hasn't picked up PDA until 5 minutes has passed

Teleportation Sickness

Teleport 10 times in 30 seconds


Drink champagne 3 times


Find Milson

Odin's son

Get hit by lightning while holding a hammer

Fire in the hole!

Blow up a torch in H2S without getting killed

Junk in the Trunk

Carry 10 pieces of Tower Pieces in your inventory


Fall for at least 5 seconds to your death

God Almighty

Collect all secrets

Alien Cousine Conniseur

Only eat alien 10 times in a row

Hulk, Smash!

Show some love to rocks - smash 20 rocks together


Have 16 rocks in inventory

Fable Hoarder

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