Littlewood achievement guide & roadmap



No missable achievements (plus 60 unknown)

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Adept Friend Maker

Meet 3 Townsfolk.

Heroic Friend Maker

Meet 5 Townsfolk.

Adept Woodcutter

Chop 150 trees.

Adept Crafter

Craft 100 items.

Adept Merchant

Sell 50 items.

Adept Miner

Mine 150 ores.

Adept Gatherer

Gather 100 items.

Heroic Merchant

Sell 100 items.

Heroic Crafter

Craft 250 items.

Master Friend Maker

Meet 10 Townsfolk.

Adept Farmer

Harvest 100 crops.

Adept Bug Catcher

Catch 100 bugs.

Master Merchant

Sell 300 items.

Adept Fisherman

Catch 100 fish.

Master Crafter

Craft 500 items.

Grandmaster Friend Maker

Meet 12 Townsfolk.

Adept Quester

Complete 10 quests.

Heroic Miner

Mine 750 ores.

Heroic Woodcutter

Chop 750 trees.

Heroic Gatherer

Gather 500 items.

Grandmaster Merchant

Sell 700 items.

Heroic Bug Catcher

Catch 250 bugs.

Heroic Fisherman

Catch 250 fish.

Heroic Farmer

Harvest 500 crops.

Heroic Quester

Complete 25 quests.

Grandmaster Crafter

Craft 1000 items.

Friend Making Prodigy

Meet 15 Townsfolk.

Master Gatherer

Gather 1000 items.

Master Bug Catcher

Catch 500 bugs.

Merchant Prodigy

Sell 1500 items.

Master Miner

Mine 1500 ores.

Master Fisherman

Catch 500 fish.

Master Farmer

Harvest 1000 crops.

Master Woodcutter

Chop 1500 trees.

Master Quester

Complete 50 quests.

Pet Lover

Adopt a pet.

Grandmaster Catcher

Catch 1000 bugs.

Grandmaster Fisherman

Catch 1000 fish.

Dewdrop Upgrader

Upgrade all structures and areas to 10 stars.

Grandmaster Gatherer

Gather 2500 items.

A Lovely Wedding

Get Married.

Grandmaster Farmer

Harvest 2500 crops.

Grandmaster Quester

Complete 100 quests.

So It Is Written

Unlock all town wishes.

Grandmaster Miner

Mine 3500 ores.

Crafting Prodigy

Craft 2500 items.

The Edge

Visit the Edge of Solemn.

Ultimate Upgrader

Unlock all ultimate upgrades at the Crafting Workshop.

Master Chef

Discover All Tavern Recipes.

Grandmaster Woodcutter

Chop 3500 trees.

Farming Prodigy

Harvest 4000 crops.

A Perfect Museum

Donate all items to Museum.

Gathering Prodigy

Gather 4000 items.

Tarott Collector

Find all Tarott Monster cards.

Questing Prodigy

Complete 150 quests.

Bug Catching Prodigy

Catch 2500 bugs.

Goal Completionist

Complete all Personal Goals.

Mining Prodigy

Mine 6000 ores.

Woodcutting Prodigy

Chop 6000 trees.

Fishing Prodigy

Catch 2500 fish.