Epistory - Typing Chronicles achievement guide & roadmap



No missable achievements (plus 55 unknown)

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Signal Fire

1% Muse: The Rime of the Ancient Mariner

1% Muse: Rumpelstiltskin

Quick Draw

Kill 10 enemies in less than 30 seconds

Burning Hollow

1% Muse: Hamlet

Keep Walking

Keep a combo chain for 20 words


Reach the average handwriting speed of 30WPM


Kill 100 enemies

1% Muse: Gargantua


Forgotten Forest

Cold Shoulder

Diamond in the rough

Type 100 characters without a mistake

1% Muse: Frankenstein

1% Muse: Foundation

Drowning Halls


Switch 10 times between magic types during a single battle

1% Muse: Pride and Prejudice

The quick brown fox...

Buy all velocity and sprint upgrades

Static Shock

1% Muse: For Whom the Bell Tolls

Ice Mausoleum

Creation City


Keep a combo chain for 100 words

Winds of Change


Kill 1,000 enemies


Use all 4 magic types during a single battle

Crystalline Mine


Reach the average typewriting speed of 45WPM

1% Muse: Bleak House

Shattered Isles


Buy all magics and knockback upgrades

My body is ready

Max out all upgrades


Zap 500 words with lightning magic

Lost Desert

Desert Dream

1% Muse: The Lord of the Rings


Find all the collectible fragments


Burn 500 words with fire magic


Stop 500 enemies with ice magic


Find all the chests

1% Muse: War and Peace

Bug Spray

Clear all insect's nests


Repel 500 enemies with wind magic

And Stay Dead

Use all 4 magic types on a unique enemy

Angling a dry ocean

Find the prickly fisherman

Advanced Typist

Surpass the average and reach typewriting speed of 60WPM

1% Muse: Dune

Cut Diamond

Type 500 characters without a mistake

1% Muse: The Harry Potter Saga

1% Muse: The Dark Tower

Flawless Diamond

Type 1000 characters without a mistake

1% Muse: A Song of Ice and Fire

Insect's Bane

Kill 10,000 enemies