Wasteland 3 achievement guide & roadmap



No missable achievements (plus 62 unknown)

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On Your Own

Fixer Upper

The New Law

The Marshal

The Gunslinger

Fire it Up

You killed an enemy with fire damage.


You accidentally downed one of your own squad members.


You liquefied an enemy with energy damage.

Quid Agit?!

A New Home

You unlocked all the major room upgrades to Ranger HQ.

Cold Reception

You shattered a frozen enemy.

The Needs of the Many

Pre-Apocalyptic Tourist

Mod Master

You installed 4 weapon mods on a single weapon.

Stolen Valor

The Hobo


You give hit-and-run a new meaning.

Hoon Hero

I, Human


Scorpitron Slayer

You took down a Scorpitron, in proud Ranger tradition.

The Warlord


Heads Up!

The Scientist


You reached level 25.

Everyone Lives

Caged Psycho

Body Builder

You got modded, and can now install cyborg parts.

Chop Shop Champ

You upgraded your vehicle to the highest level.


You beat the game on the easiest difficulty.


You beat the game on the normal difficulty.



You resisted temptation and never opened the Mysterious Case.

The Hard-Head


You discovered every location on the World Map.

New Colorado Order

Dead Red

Victory Over Victory

What's In This Thing?

You ate a Clown Burger.

Bunker Buster

Toaster Expert

You truly earned your toaster repair diploma.


You uncovered the darkest of conspiracies.


You killed 4 enemies at once with a single shotgun attack.


You beat the game on the hard difficulty.

Badda Bing

You blew up 6 enemies with a single explosive attack.

Give Me Liberty, Or...

Won One for the Gipper

Valor's End

The Psychopath


My Pretties

You amassed a collection that would terrify a toy shop owner.

No Time For Distractions

Supreme Jerk

You beat the game on the hardest difficulty.

Double the Fun

You brought Billy and Jean all the way to the end of the game.

November Reigns

Back in the Sack

You collected all STDs in the Wasteland.

Wasteland Reaper

You killed every living person in Downtown Colorado Springs.


You tamed at least one of every type of animal companion.

Tricked Out

You obtained all vehicle upgrades.

Book Learnin'

Answering Machine

You found all the cassette tapes left around Colorado.