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No missable achievements (plus 32 unknown)

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Welcome to Planet Coaster.

Create your avatar and place them on the globe..

Coasting Along

Build a 750m long coaster.

The Ratings Are Through the Roof!

Achieve a Park Rating of 1000.

Doing Your Homework

Complete a research project.

Hang Time

Create a coaster with 5 moments of airtime.

A Star is born

Gain a bronze star in career mode.

Rising Star

Gain a silver star in career mode.

Brightest Star in the Sky

Gain a gold star in career mode.

You're Fired!

A Head for Heights

Create a coaster with an 80m drop.

Scream if You Want to Go Faster!

Get a coaster up to 100mph.

Don't Stop Me Now

Build a coaster 1500m long.

Rise to the Challenge

Complete a challenge.

Princess Amelie's Fairy Tale

Unlock Princess Amelie's Fairy Tale.

Investing in People

Train a member of staff to the highest level.

Jaw Dropping

Create a coaster with a 150m drop.

Money Spinner

Achieve a monthly profit of $10,000.

Marketing Mogul

Spend $10,000 on marketing in one month.

Speed Freak

Get a coaster up to 150mph.

Challenge Experience

Complete five challenges.

Air Raising

Create a coaster with 10 moments of airtime.

Dex-R's Science Shenanigans

Unlock DexR's Science Shenanigans.

Faster than Lightning

Get a coaster up to 200mph.

Challenge Veteran

Complete ten challenges.

The Ride of Your Life

Build a coaster 2500m long.

Loan Survivor

Repay a loan of $20,000.

Air Miles

Wow guests with a coaster with 15 moments of airtime.

King Coaster's Royal Decree

Unlock King Coaster's Royal Decree.

Salt on the Senses

Crashing the Party

Star Studded Career

Gain all the stars in career mode!

You're a winner!