Crawl achievement guide & roadmap



No missable achievements (plus 45 unknown)

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A Taste For Revenge

Regain your humanity 10 times

The Novice Scholar

Discover 25% of entries in the vault

The Lonely Miser

Spend a total of 1000 gold

The Acclaimed Collector

Discover 50% of entries in the vault

Vermin's Scourge

Kill a total of 100 monsters

A Death Feud

Regain your humanity 50 times

The Gamekeeper

Pass a vault challenge

The Wealthy Merchant

Spend a total of 5000 gold

A Vengeance Insatiable

Regain your humanity 100 times

Infinite Horror

Achieve the victory screen title "Infinite Horror"

Brain Haemorrhage

Damage Kourok's exposed brain with a bomb creature

Unceasing Lethargy

Min your hero's agility

The Gilded Baron

Spend a total of 10000 gold

Altered Altered Beast

Get two tombstone powerups on one monster


Pass the Necromancer challenge

A Piercing Bolt

Kill 3 monsters with a single crossbow bolt

The Beastmaster

Pass 10 vault challenges

Dragon's Bane

Kill a total of 666 monsters


As a gnome, mine a total of 10 gold from heroes

Burrowing Terror

Pass the Spikewurm challenge

The Beast Beheaded

Defeat Ghidraak, playing against 3 hard bots

Unfettered Strength

Max out your hero's strength

The Sickly Champion

Defeat a boss while nauseated

Goliath and Goliath

Slay a giant monster with a boulder

The Stone Shattered

Defeat Tezekcal, playing against 3 hard bots

The Butcher

Slay all other heroes in an intro battle with 3 hard bots

Stone Awoken

Pass the Gargoyle challenge

The Tentacle Severed

Defeat Kourok, playing against 3 hard bots

A Bloody Conquest

Defeat a boss while bleeding for the entire fight

A Duel of Archers

Win a 1 on 1 battle against the hero, while both wielding bows

Lloyd and Goliath

Slay a giant monster with a pebble

Manic Greed

Clear out a store by buying every item


Win an intro battle without ever moving

True Escape

Win a game without ever dying

A Healthy Victory

Defeat Ghidraak with more health than when you started

Unstoppable Force

Get a kill streak of 12 against 3 hard bots

Adequately Equipped

Discover all weapons in the vault

Glub Blasphemed

Taunt Glub and win against 3 hard bots

Brute Force Alone

Defeat Kourok without hitting any bombs into him

Gholoth Shunned

Taunt Gholoth and win against 3 hard bots

Gor Disavowed

Taunt Gor and win against 3 hard bots

The Demontamer

Pass all the vault challenges

Qaahl Forgotten

Taunt Qaahl and win against 3 hard bots

S'hrim Denied

Taunt S'hrim and win against 3 hard bots

The Renowned Antiquarian

Discover all entries in the vault