FlatOut 4: Total Insanity achievement guide & roadmap



No missable achievements (plus 45 unknown)

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Ready for Junkyard

Try again... you can do it! (Destroy your car for the first time)

It's Just the Beginning

Complete your First Cup in Career Mode


Upgrade a car once

Baby Hampster

Complete your first race in Arena Mode

I'm so Sorry …

Destroy your first opponent (offline)

No Speed Limits

Burn nitro continuously for at least 5 seconds in a race


Empty all your nitro for the first time from full to empty


Win a race without crashing (100% Full HP)

The Coyote

Win a race in Assault Mode

AirForce One

Jump at least 100m long with your car

Go Catch The Road Runner

Use the 4 weapons in Assault Mode


Win a race with the maximum car parts on your car.

Gold Crusher

Destroy 2000 breakables

Paint Shop

Get all available skins for a Derby car

Trigger Happy

Hit 3 cars with the same activated weapon in Assault Mode


Wreck 5 vehicles during a round in Arena Mode

Road Attack

Beat a Time Trial in Career Mode

That Came as a Surprise

Eject your driver 100 times

On Podium

Finish consecutively 10 times on podium in Career Mode

Welcome to the World !

Win an online race

Crash Forest, Crash!

Drive a total distance of 500 miles

Money Money

Earn 123456 cash in Career Mode

...But i Love it !

Destroy 50 opponents (offline)

Class Winner

Win a race in Derby, Classic, AllStar classes

Hot Rod

Upgrade an AllStar car at the maximum

Devil in 66 Seconds

Keep the flag for 66 seconds in Keep the Flag Game Mode.

FlatOut Way

Kill Three opponents in the same race (offline)


Buy at least two cars in each class, Derby, Classic and AllStar

Hampster King

Win 15 races in Arena Mode


Destroy 20 Opponents Online

Genius or Lucky ?

Make the perfect score in a stunt game

Stuntman Newbie

Complete all stunts with Bronze in FlatOut Mode

Filthy Rich

Score over a 100,000 in a race

Online 1st Degree

Win 10 online races

Speed Junkie

Complete Career Mode

Road to Glory

Complete FlatOut Mode

Let's Play a Game

Win 5 races in Assault Mode online

Stuntman Master

Complete all stunts with Gold in FlatOut Mode


Be both Survivor and Eliminator at the same time in 5 Arena Death matches

Lightning Master

Complete FlatOut Mode with all gold

Online Master

Win 25 online races

Lay waste

Win 20 races in Assault Mode online


Slam 100 opponents in online races

Jay will be Proud !

Purchase all cars of the game

Flag Thief

Recover the flag 10 times in the Keep the Flag Mode