Violett achievement guide & roadmap



No missable achievements (plus 22 unknown)

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Fly trapped!

Capture the buzzing fly

Garçon de cuisine

Touch every piece of cookware

Stubborn as a mule

Keep on doing pointless action

Melody pops

Find three hidden whistle pops

Safety first!

Put on the helmet, it's for your own safety

Snail treat

Feed the Giant Snail Father with a fair share of crabs

Apprentice of earth

Collect 50% of green orbs

Apprentice of air

Collect 50% of celadon orbs

Apprentice of elements

Collect 50% of all orbs

Tick Tock

Become a clock expert

Apprentice of water

Collect 50% of blue orbs


Change your clothing five times

Brain overload

Use your ingenuity to solve 4 puzzles

Doctor Watson

Use 10 hints only to finish the Game

Sherlock Holmes

Finish the Game without using any hints

The bestiary

Collect all pages from uncles diary

Ground is lava

Defeat Her Spiderness without using earth powers

Master of air

Collect 90% of celadon orbs

Master of water

Collect 90% of blue orbs

Master of earth

Collect 90% of green orbs

Master of elements

Collect 90% of all orbs


Collect all but one of the orbs