Caverns of the Snow Witch achievement guide & roadmap



No missable achievements (plus 30 unknown)

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Birthday Cake!

...even if it's not your birthday

Nowhere to Hide!

Hit the true Illusionist on your first try


Shatter the Crystal Warrior into pieces

Put a Ring On It

Try all three of the rings

Bedtime Stories

Remember an old legend to your benefit

Frost! Ice! Snow!

Find all enemies with these words in their name

Ding! Dong!

The Snow Witch is Dead!

Speed Reader

Read the spell on the scroll before it fades away

With Friends Like These...

Slay the zombie replicas of your friends

A Winner Is You

Beat the Snow Witch at her own game

Turkish Delight

Consume ten of your Provisions

Waste of Brain

Deny the Brain Slayer of a meal

Idle Hands

Survive your own murderous hand

Gimme, Gimme, Gimme!

Take all of the Snow Witch's treasure

Walk Softly

Successfully navigate your way past the Banshee


Find all three metal shapes

Magic Music

Be healed by the minstrel's music


Fly on a Pegasus

Let It Go

Trick two foolish Goblins


Solve the riddle of the rhyme

Sizzling Shower

Experience a particularly nasty shower

Duck Season!

Steal a meal of duck

Adventurer Win

Find the ultimate ending in Medium mode

Cheater's Win

Find the ultimate ending in Free Read mode

Only Fools and Horses

Convince the centaurs that you have nothing of value


Receive a curse from a stranded Dwarf

I'm on a Boat!

Steal a boat and sail away

Swept Away

Survive being swept up by an avalanche


Find all the images hidden within Caverns of the Snow Witch

Hardcore Hero Win

Find the ultimate ending in Hardcore mode