Alchemy Mysteries: Prague Legends achievement guide & roadmap



No missable achievements (plus 15 unknown)

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Arrow speed!

Find two objects in less than 5 seconds!

There are no closed doors!

You collected two hairpins and used them to open an old lock

Careful with antiques!

You found the jewelry box in your sister's secret hiding place

Tales of alchemists!

You unraveled the mystery of the magic symbols

The secret of magic shackles!

You decoded complex alchemical symbols and translated them into intelligible language.

Welcome to Carl's crypt!

You found your way into Carl Schwarzenberg's crypt

Secret room!

You uncovered the entrance to a well-hidden secret room

Return of the amulet!

You found a lost amulet

Victory over a golem!

You defeated a clay giant

Escape from a dungeon!

You escaped a dungeon sealed by magic

An alchemist laboratory!

You found the Alchemist's laboratory


You will not skip Hidden Object Scenes


Find five objects in less than 15 seconds!


Complete the game on advanced mode!


Don't miss a single mini-game!