Demise of Nations achievement guide & roadmap



No missable achievements (plus 21 unknown)

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Played for 1h

Achievement for playing 1h or more.

10 Kills

Eliminate 10 enemy units.

Tutorial Completed

Achievement for a completing the tutorial.

Sexy Time

Hold a fertility festival in one of your settlements.

Multiplayer Play

Playing the first multiplayer game.


Build a bridge.

First Game Won

Achievement for a first game won.

100 Kills

Eliminate 100 enemy units.

Territorial Ruler

Hold 80% more of all the occupiable territory combined.

Little Tough Guy

Declare war against a much larger nation.

Played for 24h

Achievement for playing 24h or more.


Explore 90% or more of the map.

AI's Least Popular

Being very much hated by the AI players.

AI Lover

Being very liked by the AI players.

Multiplayer Victory

First multiplayer game won.

1000 Kills

Eliminate 1000 enemy units.

Inhuman Victory

Win against the Inhuman-AI.

This is SPARTA

Win a game playing as Sparta.

10 Games Won

Achievement for 10 games won.


Creating a ballot to be voted on by others.


Casting a vote on a ballot.