InfiniTrap achievement guide & roadmap



No missable achievements (plus 14 unknown)

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You like to die

You died 10 times

You are now ready for the real challenge!

You have completed the first levels

You really like to die

You died 50 times

You skipped the tutorial levels

Machete don't follow tutorials

You really really really like to die

You died 100 time

You killed 10 zombies

This is not cool to kill someone who is already dead

You got eaten by a zombie 10 times

You are quite delicious!

You have completed the game

You choose wisely my friend

It's more like an obsession for dying

You died 200 times

You killed 50 zombies

You are a real zombie hunter!

You killed 100 zombies

Do you eat them or what?

You completed 100 levels

Congratulation, you are now officially hooked

You killed 200 zombies

At this point, you are doing it for the achievement, right?

You completed 200 levels

You should get a gold medal for that.