Audiosurf achievement guide & roadmap



No missable achievements (plus 19 unknown)

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Royal Ride

Earn Gold without overfilling. 2 min minimum.

PPM 10,000

10000 points per minute. 3 minute minimum.


Earn triple a gold medal requirement. 2 min minimum.

PPM 30,000

30000 points per minute. 3 minute minimum.


Earn Clean Finish and Gold 3 times in a row.


Stealth and collect every color block. 3 min minimum.

Big Kahuna

Score 17000 points in a single match.

Stealth Adept

Using Ninja Mono, earn Stealth. 3 min minimum.

Candy Stripe

Make a candy stripe.

Laser Show

Collect matches in 4 colors simultaneously.


Collect a match of 24 blocks.


Turn 21 blocks red with a single paint.

Spotlight Finish

Finish Clean, Gold before finish, hit last block, elite only.

Stealth Master

Using Ninja Mono, earn Stealth. 7 min minimum.


Beat a friend's score less than 15 min. after they earn it.


Dethrone a friend from a global scoreboard.

Stealth Legend

Using Ninja Mono, earn Stealth. 11 min minimum.


Collect a chain reaction of 7 white blocks.


Fill all columns within 15 seconds. No greys. No matches.