Figment achievement guide & roadmap



No missable achievements (plus 23 unknown)

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Getting Back into the Game

Complete the intro

I Remember That....

Collect one memory

Back into Shape

Earn first bonus health point

Creative Cleaning

Defeat the Nightmare in Freedom Isles


Remove all Plague Rats from Freedom Isles

Bug Squasher

Remove all Spiders from Clockwork Town

Deadly spin

Kill 2 enemies at once with a heavy attack

Not Skipping Leg Day

Earn second bonus health point

Loosening the Gears

Defeat the Nightmare in Clockwork Town

Figment of Steel

Earn third bonus health point

Lovecraftian Shenanigans

Remove all Tentacles in the Pathway

Coming Back to the Surface

Complete the game

Overcoming Fear

Defeat the Nightmare in the Pathway

Noisy Neighbor

Knock on all doors in Outer Cerebrum and Cerebrum City


Collect the memory in the Pathway


Hit 3 enemies at once with heavy attack

Seeking Inspiration

Knock on all doors in Freedom Isles

Distant Memories

Collect half the memories

Checking the Gears

Knock on all doors in Clockwork Town

Time for Tea

Collect the Kettle Brothers' memory

Turning on the Light

Collect the light bulb houses' memory


Go back to Freedom Isles and Clockwork Town after defeating their nightmares

Now it all Makes Sense!

Collect all the memories