Westerado: Double Barreled achievement guide & roadmap



No missable achievements (plus 82 unknown)

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And so it begins...

Onwards, adventure awaits!

BOOM! Hatshot!

Sadly we have no knives, so you won't be running any faster. (Got a hatshot.)


Bla, bla, bla. You just keep jabbering on. (Had 100 gunversations.)

The Clintville Couple

Soberly together again.

Self defense?

So you had to shoot a few people, right? No big deal. (Killed 25 people.)

Daddy's Girl

Made the graveyard safe to visit.


Explored 50% of the map.

Friendly Fire

This again? We know we just gave you a gun, but you might not want to shoot everyone. (Shot Uncle.)

Hold on there, Empty Bottle

Where do you think you're going? (Shot 10 empty bottles.)


Obviously you had to shoot all those people, they were coming right for you! (Killed 100 people.)

Reuniting Petey

Digging beyond the veil.

Hat Trick

Don't go thinking you're Annie Oakley, those three hatshots in a row were just a fluke.


Explored 100% of the map.

To The Stars

Explored more than 100% of the map.

Fashionable Avenger

Dispatching justice will require style! (Bought an outfit.)


Finally got that Miner's Hat.

We Blame Math

Explored all the things (more than 120% of the map.)


He shot you? That's not what is supposed to happen. (Got shot by your brother.)

I shot the Sheriff

Now where is that deputy?

Buffalo buffalo Buffalo buffalo buffalo buffalo Buffalo buffalo

Keep all buffalo alive during a Buffalo Drive.


Beat the game as the Gunslinger.


They read it, you weep. (Lost 5 rounds of poker.)

Buffalo Inc.

Rancher Franchise Made.


Convinced the Ticket Salesman that you're from the Transcontinental Express.

Be Prepared

Buffalo wearing hats and stripes. (Helped the Union prepare for battle.)

My Precious

Prevented any packages from being stolen during the Carriage Protection.

Roam Free Buffalo!

Freed all of the Buffalo enslaved by the Ranchers.


You know exactly what's on his person. (Gathered all clues about the murderer.)

Kadekedeng Kadekedeng, OEH OEH!

Trains back in town. (Got the trains running again.)

Home sweet home

A place to start over.

Beefhead Burgers

From mayhem to meats, the Beefheads did it all.

More than a Few Fists Full of Dollars

Two thousand dollars in the bank. It's a lot of money. Takes me three years to earn it!


You pretty much shot more people than actually exist, congratulations! (Killed 250 people.)

Lost & Found

A side of justice with your revenge? (Completed 5 wanted posters.)

The Fourth Wall

Found the Movie Set.


Can't read my.. (Won 5 hands of poker.)

Shoulda Took Off

Your family wouldn't give up their land.

Shifty Eyed Buffalo

That buffalo wasn't even wearing the right hat. (Killed 10 buffalo.)

Unhappy Couple

Lost Miner reunited with Miner's Wife.

My Waifu

Mrs. Tressabell Gunslinger.


Retake our land! (Help the Indians takes back their land.)

Let My People Go!

Helped the Indians get past the Military Blockade.

Rancher Mansion

He had it coming to him. (Captured the Oil Tycoon's Mansion with Rancher Bob.)

A Taste for Bug Juice

You just can't keep your hands off the stuff. (Had 5 drinks.)

Tyler Durden

You were the Murderer.

Murdering Mass

They were all in on it!

Group Hug

Unlocked all playable Characters.

Ending the Drought

Sister got the river in Santa Anna flowing again.

Why Can't we be Friends

Made peace between Indians and Military.

The Gun does the Talking

It speaks louder than words. (Pulled your weapon 50 times during gunversations.)

Everyone's Waifu

Too much PDA, bro.


Come on now, what did those lizards ever do to you? (Killed 5 lizards.)

Golden Buffalo

It sh*ts money.

Better Apart

Lost Miner and Miner's Wife both move on.

Luke Skywalker

Your Dad was the Murderer.

The Weird West

Discovered the secret of the animal statues.


Unlocked all Weapons.

The Legend

Beat the game without getting shot.

Beyond the grave

Beat the game as the Brother.

Should have stayed

Beat the game as the Sister.

Ride Again

The banditos are back to causing trouble.

Surname Frank

Your mother loved an Indian, and was hiding them in the walls.

Swift Justice

Beat the game in less than an hour.

Former Glory

Sheriff's back to kicking Ass. (Helped the Sheriff gain his courage.)

Heya Heya Heya

Beat the game as the Indian.

Mad Hatter

Unlocked all hats at the Haberdasher.

My Rancher's Keeper

Kept Rancher Bob, Bell and Cobb alive during the Mansion Attack.

Sheriff Waifu

Mrs. Tressabell Sheriff.

Rancher Waifu

Mrs. Tressabell Johnston.


Beat the game with less than 20 kills.


Like playing monopoly. (Completed the Oil Tycoon's quest line.)

Make him Work for it.

The sheriff helped you 3 times.

Magnificent Seven

Magnificent might be a bit of stretch, but the Seven part is undeniable. (Befriended the Beefheads.)

Dapper Deputies

The Beefheads playing for the other side.

Both feet on the Gas

Talked to Oilrig Manager at every drilling location.

Dr.Johnston & Mr. Bob

He has such great personalities.

Wallowing in Failure

Sheriff's worse than when you met him.

Who Wasn't Behind It?

You found all the endings!


You just became the biggest star here, since there isn't anyone left except for a few extras.