3DRPG achievement guide & roadmap



No missable achievements (plus 30 unknown)

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Bow Down!

Hunt 10 Prey

Found Something!

Find 10 Treasures

Getting The Hang Of Things!

Kill 50 Enemies

Clonk Clonk!

Smith 10 Items

Home Brewery

Brew 10 Potions

I'm Getting Better At This!

Kill 100 Enemies

Nailed It!

Smith 50 Items

My Precious!

Find 50 Treasures

Doe It Yoursel!

Hunt 50 Prey

Stay Healthy!

Brew 50 Potions

This Reminds Me Of HoMM

Claim 10 Mines

I Caught Something!

Fish 10 Fishes

Agent Smith

Smith 100 Items

Take That Burzur! Mwhahaha!

Defeat Burzur

That's What You Get For Killing Me!

Complete the game: "Seek Revange On Your Killer"

Should Last A While!

Brew 100 Potions

All The Loot!

Find 100 Treasures

Something Something Green Arrow

Hunt 100 Prey

What A Grind!

Kill 500 Enemies

False Intentions

Complete the game: "Trade Your Soul For Someone Elses"

Something's Fishy!

Fish 50 Fishes

Level Capped!

Complete the game: "Reach Level 40"

I'll Never Get This Smell Out Of My Clothes! u.u

Fish 100 Fishes

These Are All Mine!

Complete the game: "Clear 30 Mines"

I Can Buy The World?

Complete the game: "Become Rich, 100 000 Gold"

We're Gonna Need A Bigger Boat T_T

Complete the game: "Defeat Leviathan"

Are There Yummy-Yummies Here?

Complete the game: "Become A Master Chef"

Carrying That Anvil With Me Proved Worthwhile!

Complete the game: "Become A Master Blacksmith"

Back To Your Own Timeline You Go!

Complete the game: "Defeat The Strongest Enemy"


Complete The Games All Objectives