Criminal Girls: Invite Only achievement guide & roadmap



No missable achievements (plus 36 unknown)

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Prison Break

Drenched Departure

Burnt Out

Ice Breaker

A Learning Experience


A Good Knight: Tomoe

A Good Knight: Ran

A Good Knight: Alice

A Good Knight: Kisaragi

A Good Knight: Shin

A Good Knight: Sako

A Good Knight: Yuko

Tomoe's Steamy Hot Spring Story

Ran's School Memories

Alice's Newfound Honesty

Kisaragi's Memorable House

Shin's Perfect Instructor Test

Sako's Absolute Desire

Yuko's Letter Operation

Surpassed the Ruler!

Let's Go on a Picnic

Fun Shopping

A Good Knight: Himekami

A Good Knight: Miu

It's Yummy Curry Day

Praying at the Cat Shrine

Himekami's Purification Path

Miu's Complete Lecture

Makoto Aquarium

A Garden't Secret

Peaceful School Life

Cake Heaven!

Sweet, Sweet Strawberry Tart

World's Strongest

Grand Finale Group Photo