Buff Knight Advanced achievement guide & roadmap



No missable achievements (plus 25 unknown)

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Monster Hunter

Kill 100 Monsters

Fairy Beginner

Solve Fairy's Quiz 5 times

Candle in the wind

Use HP Potion 10 Times with 10% of Full HP

Monster Slayer

Kill 500 Monsters


Clear Stage 1

Monster Destroyer

Kill 1000 Monsters

Fairy Expert

Solve Fairy's Quiz 10 times

Artifact Collector

Collect 10 Artifact

Enchant Beginner

Enchant 10 times

Dragon Hunter

Kill 1 Dragon

The Rich

Get the money 1,000,000,000

Enchant Expert

Enchant 50 times

Dragon Slayer

Kill 5 Dragons

Well Done

Complete Last Stage

Air Combo Beginner

Air Combo 20 times

Fairy Master

Solve Fairy's Quiz 15 times

Enchant Master

Enchant 100 times

Dragon Destroyer

Kill 10 Dragons

Artifact Expert

Collect 20 Artifact

Real Ending

Complete Last Stage + ?


Died 100 times

Air Combo Expert

Air Combo 50 times


Get the money 10,000,000,000

Air Combo Master

Air Combo 70 times

Artifact Master

Collect 20 Artifact and Upgrade Complete