LiEat achievement guide & roadmap



No missable achievements (plus 30 unknown)

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Pants on Fire

Find Big Liar Equipment

Have you no Shame?

Steal the Candy from Keith and Rachel's House

Onto the Next Adventure!

Finish LiEat 1

You're Looking Buff

Get Efi to Level 10


Put Panties on your Head

That was for Orphans!

Steal the Money from the Bookshelf

And We've Learned NOTHING!

Good Ending

Amazing First Impression

Have Iris Analyze You


Fight the Girlfriend Lie

You have Chosen...Poorly

Get Bad Ending from Wolf Encounter

Iris Up Your Coffee?

Pair up with Iris


Find the Legendary Knife and Cookie

Brett and Butter

Pair up with Brett

Bonnie and Clyde

Bad Ending

C'mon, Man

Fight the "I'm not drunk!" Lie

Me and Neily McGee

Pair up with Neil

Five Second Rule

Find the Cherry Candy in the Trash

Always Time for Dreams

Sleep in the Bed During the Maid Investigation

Let's Go Exploring!

Good Ending

Serious Sweet Tooth

Eat 15 Cookies

Duck Soup

Find the Funny Glasses

Alone Again, Naturally

Neutral Ending

Hard Knock Life

Get Bad Ending from Losing Boss Battle

Pied Piper

Fight Three Blue Rats

Satanic Messages!

Play Liar (music track) at the Slowest Speed in Post-game

To the Flame!

Defeat a Red Moth

Shoulda Gotten Apple Care

Find out about Hal's Cracked Phone

Five More Minutes

Rest Two Times in a Row

Good Apollo

Poke Efi Three Times While Sleeping

Guy Pierce

Bad Ending, Lose to William