La-Mulana achievement guide & roadmap



No missable achievements (plus 64 unknown)

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Welcome to La-Mulana

Opened the entrance to La-Mulana.

Watch Where You're Whipping

Received damnation.

Once you read it, you can never go back

Twin-Headed Snake

Dear Foolish Adventurer

Giant's Rage

The girl awakens

High Speed Beast

Lights of the fairies

Dangerous Raid

Seek a higher place.

Dive Deep Down

Dived into a pot.

This is La-Mulana: Part I

Take a walk on the dark side.

Eden, here was.

This is La-Mulana: Part II

The Penitent Man

Took a knee.

You are a small one

At the bottom

The Sadness of the Twins has vanished.

Stop him without stopping time!

The world of 8-bit

The Four Philosophers were awakened.

A one time challenge.

Black Misa

La-Mulana Mania

Read all of the paleographies.

Ancient Machine

I love hot springs!

Slippery Serpent

The Beginning of Hell and Awakening

Master key

Map Collector

This is La-Mulana: Part III

Sound Track Mania

Maximum Power

You are the strongest archaeologist!

Completed the adventure.

Indomitable spirit

Completed the entire adventure within 40 hours.

Software Collector

Item Collector

The gate to hell has opened.

Unlocked the HELL TEMPLE.

Skilled adventurer

Completed the entire adventure within 20 hours.

Fairy Light Completionist


The Run To Ruin

This is La-Mulana: Part IV

A fishy item...

The Hidden Road

Xelpud's Pen Pal

Got all emails.

This was not for human eyes.

Speed Runner

Completed the entire adventure within 10 hours.

All I need is one arm.

Obliterated all guardians without using secondary weapons.

Great 8th child

Curry Addict

All I need is one finger!

Obliterated all guardians without using secondary weapons in HARD MODE.

Treasure Hunter

The Masochist King

This isn't even my final form!

Let's go together!

Playful but Lonely

Running out in the open!

Xelpud's Best Friend

Listened to everything Xelpud has to say.

Archaeological authority

Scanned all suspicious spots.

Mulbruk Can Be Yours

Listened to everything Mulbruk has to say.