Green Game: TimeSwapper achievement guide & roadmap



No missable achievements (plus 15 unknown)

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Make a full time axis rotation

Dead already?

Die for the first time

Apprentice Engineer

Collect 3 gears on 5 levels

Going in circles

Return to the starting cage

A half empty glass

Complete 25 levels

Persistance is a virtue

Die 25 times on one level

I'm too old for this

Complete 20 levels as a elderly bird

Right on schedule

Complete all of the levels

Journeyman Engineer

Collect three gears on 25 levels

A Millenium of pain

Die 1000 times in total

Midlife crisis

Complete 20 levels as a mid-aged bird

Destined for greatness

Complete 20 levels as a young bird

Grandmaster Engineer

Collect three gears on all of the levels

Quantum Physics Adept

Flawlessly complete 25 levels

Einstein's descendant

Flawlessly complete all of the levels