Heroes of Civilizations achievement guide & roadmap



No missable achievements (plus 20 unknown)

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Unit Creator

Create 10 unit cards.

Mod Maker

Create a new mod.

Upgrade Creator

Create 10 upgrade or traps cards.

Paper Master

Win 10 times in minigame with Paper.

Rock Master

Win 10 times in minigame with Rock.

Scissors Master

Win 10 times in minigame with Scissors.

Level Builder

Create 10 levels.

Rule Master

Complete 10 tutorial.

Replay Collector

Have stored 10 replays.

Persian King

Defeat persian 10 times in Skirmish

Celtic Commander

Defeat celtic 10 times in Skirmish.

Ancient Conqueror

Complete 20 campaign.

Greek Emperor

Defeat greek 10 times in Skirmish.

Egyptian Pharaoh

Defeat egyptian 10 times in Skirmish

Deck Collector

Have stored 10 decks.

Norse Chief

Defeat norse 10 times in Skirmish.

Ancient Champion

Defeat 20 opponent in multiplayer.

Babylonian King

Defeat babylonian 10 times in Skirmish.

Atlantean King

Defeat atlantean 10 times in Skirmish.

Chinese Emperor

Defeat chinese 10 times in Skirmish.