Avadon 2: The Corruption achievement guide & roadmap



No missable achievements (plus 30 unknown)

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The War Begins

Survive an unexpected attack.


Become a Hand of Avadon.

Wall Spots

Find a secret door.

The First Clues

Explore an abandoned base.

The Pure Land

Find out where Miranda went.

End of the Maze

Defeat the ogres and learn the rebels' secret.

The Sleeping God

Escape a Tawon temple alive.

A Dragon's Error

Get away from the lair of Vardegras.

And the Law Won

Hunt down Chabon and bring him to justice.

Caught Your Quarry

Conclude your business at Konstina's camp.


Augment 20 items.

The Mad God

Investigate another Tawon temple.

Landed Gentry

Buy two houses. Yes, two!

To the Core and Back

Show that there is nowhere the Hands of Avadon cannot reach.

Treasure Hunter

Fully explore the abandoned workshop outside Troezen.

Remember the Fallen

Return two honor tokens to Avadon.

Can't Stop Lovin' Cake

Eat a cake.

Corrupted No Longer

Find Eye Dymas and help her return to safety.

Hand of Avadon

Mad Science

Have Nicodemus complete six artifacts for you.

Warrior of the Pact

Die Less Next Time

Reach the endgame without ever using a Resurrection scroll. (Normal difficulty or higher.)

A Dragon's Punishment

Kill Vardegras. (Normal difficulty or higher.)

First For Everything

Kiss somebody.

Enthusiastic Reader

Unlock 30 codex entries.

Forced Retirement

Eye of Avadon

Full of Hot Air

Kill Krymhylas, Lord of Winds. (Hard difficulty or higher.)

A Hand Fears Nothing

Kill a god on Torment difficulty!

Heart of Avadon