Gunpowder achievement guide & roadmap



No missable achievements (plus 30 unknown)

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Time Sublime

Received a time bonus on a mission

Parting Gift

Destroy a bonus item after destroying the Safe

Breaker's Dozen

Destroy 12 Bonus Items



Find a hidden trophy

Safe Key Not Guaranteed

Blow up a safe, destroy all the bonus items, and find a hidden trophy in a mission

Sweep the Keg


Desert Dominator

Collect all bonus items in Chapter 1.


Destroy 500 destructible objects

Once and for Wall

Destroy 4 walls with a single explosion in Mission 2-23


Destroy all Cacti, bonus items, and the safe in Mission 1-6 in one playthrough

Quarry King

Collected all bonus items in Chapter 2

Powder to the People

Complete mission 4-25

Master of the Mines

Collect all bonus items in Chapter 3

Nothing to Lose


Spare the snowman in Mission 5-6

Bosstown Blaster

Collect all bonus items in Chapter 4

The Old Switcheroo

Beat Mission 3-8 with all Bonus items by only making 8 Switch Track changes

Snow Joking Matter

Collect all piggy banks in chapter 5

Don't Get Dizzy

Beat Mission 4-24 with all bonus items by only making 3 turntable changes

Snow Country for Cold Men

Destroy the snowman horde in Mission 5-9 and complete the level

Haul of the Mountain King

Collect all hidden trophies in chapter 5

Nothing but Net

Score a basket on Mission LOST-23


Destroyed Boss Grimshaw's symbol of oppression

Hoard Lord

Collect all trophies in the game

Not Easy Being Green

Beat Mission LOST-6 with all bonus items without the spark being extinguished by a wagon

Icy Reception

Destroy the safe and all piggy banks in Mission 5-20 without the waterfall extinguishing the fire

Just in Time

Break the safe on Mission LOST-12 right before the flooding water washes it away

Crystal Clear

Beat Mission LOST-21 with all bonus items, without breaking a single crystal