Echoes of Aetheria achievement guide & roadmap



No missable achievements (plus 32 unknown)

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Unlikely Hero

Rescue Princess Soha from the mysterious kidnappers.


Craft an item in the forge.

Take a cat nap!

Defeat Toby Redclaw.

Tidereaver Secure!

Defeat the Tidereaver Commander.

We All Start Somewhere

Start the Beladorne Rebellion.

Poof Goes The Jerk

Defeat Alexei.

Well To Do

Collect 10,000 Gold.

Flawless Victory

Win the Battle of Enkidu Hill with no defeats.

Bucket of Bolts

Defeat Giovany's Super Mech.

Forge Master

Craft an item of legendary quality.

False Monarch

Defeat Queen Azra.

Louis And Clark? Please.

Find nearly all of the Exploration Nodes.


Collect 100,000 Gold.

The World Is United!

End the war with Veridia.

The Wild Card

Defeat Kormag.

Warrior's Proof

Clear Lucian's arena challenge.

Arena Champion

Claim the Champion's Belt in the group arena challenge.

Queen's Heirloom

Clear Soha's arena challenge.

Crisis Averted

Clear the game on Normal Difficulty.

Alexei Annihilator

Defeat Alexei on Hard Difficulty.

Assassin's Mark

Clear Eskandar's arena challenge.


Collect 250,000 Gold.

Engineer's Merit

Clear Ingrid's arena challenge.

Master's Momento

Clear Kesh's arena challenge.


Defeat Giovany's Super Mech on Hard Difficulty.

Not The Greatest Wife

Defeat Azra on Hard Difficulty.

Actual Arena Champion

Defeat the secret final battle of the arena.

Merciful Commander

Win the Battle of Ezrum Fortress without slaying a single flesh and blood Veridian.

Treasure Hunter

Find and open all of the large treasure chests in the game.

Tricked The Trickster

Defeat Kormag on Hard Difficulty.

Perfect Show

Execute all top-level magic tricks during Soha's show in Varna.