Lords of Xulima achievement guide & roadmap



No missable achievements (plus 15 unknown)

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Herald of Raznet

Kill 1,000 creatures in combat.

Herald of Kersket

Defeat 300 enemy groups.

Herald of Febret

Collect 1,000 herbs.

Knight of the Light

Find the Impious Princes and bring them to the light of the Lords of Xulima.

Doom of ArrazGul

Defeat Arrazgul, the Leader of the Cursed Hounds.

Witch Hunter

Find the hidden lairs of the Four Sisters.

Torment of the Titans

Find the most powerful creatures that ever existed in the most remote places of Xulima.

Arena Champion

Win all combats in the Arena and defeat the Guardian Romegor.

Defiler of Mausoleums

Find the ancestral tombs of the Human Kings of Xulima.

Rage of Yûl

Find all the erected statues of Yul scattered throughout Xulima.

Blessed by the Gods

Offer your most valued belonging to gain the favor of the Gods.

King of Xulima

Finish the game in Old-school Veteran difficulty mode.

Lord of Xulima

Finish the game in Hardcore difficulty mode.

Master of the Talisman

Find the 50 energy spheres for the Talisman of Golot artifact.


Finish the game in Ironman difficulty mode.