Gun Bombers achievement guide & roadmap



No missable achievements (plus 47 unknown)

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First of Many

Get your first kill


Find treasure chest


Survive round without doing any damage

Bounty Hunter

Kill player with bounty

Clone Wars

Inflict damage with Clone

Bragging Rights

Win a game


Survive round without taking any damage and at least 1 kill

Trigger Happy

Survive round without bombs and atleast one kill


Complete Tutorial


Survive round without guns and atleast one kill

Cover Fire

Get one kill with Turret

Thank you!

Steal someone's bomb

Super Diamond

10 minutes

Survive 10 minutes in Endless


Make a goal in soccer

Tazer tazer tazer!

Taze your bro

Flu Medicine

Get one kill with Napalm


Get one kill with Chainsaw

Plastic Fantastic

Get one kill with Plastic Explosives

Hat Trick

Make 3 goals in one soccer match

Kiss the Trophy

Win a soccer match


Disable bomb with Urethane just before it explodes


Get two kills with one bomb


Dig 10,000 block of dirt/stone using Pickaxe or Jackhammer

Here and There

Inflict damage to two enemy with single Grasshopper

Hard as a Rock

Get 5 kills with Rocks

Drill Instructor

Get one kill with Jackhammer

Oh, Not Again

Survive two land mines in one round


Get 5 kills with Moles

Kvak Kvak

Get 5 kills with Ducks

Money Money Money!

Collect 1,000,000 worth of treasures

Not Today

Escape Fire with Teleport

Green Cover

Get 3 kills with single Nuke

Tough Guy

Get 5 kills and survive the round

Grenade Hooligan

Get 25 kills with Grenades

Sniper Hooligan

Get 35 kills with Sniper Rifle

Flamethrower Hooligan

Get 15 kills with Flamethrower

Bazooka Hooligan

Get 35 kills with Bazooka

Launcher Hooligan

Get 35 kills with Grenade Launcher

Uzi Hooligan

Get 150 kills with Uzi

Minigun Hooligan

Get 35 kills with Minigun

True Hooligan

Get all Hooligan achievements

Molotov Hooligan

Get 25 kills with Molotov Cocktails

Pistol Hooligan

Get 50 kills with pistol

Revolver Hooligan

Get 50 kills with revolver

Sawed-Off Hooligan

Get 150 kills with Sawed-Off

Shotgun Hooligan

Get 150 kills with Shotgun